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28th Apr 2011

Welcome!!   As promised we have at last completed the process, with Datasouth UK, of trialling the new site and have taken the step to go live.  The whole process was driven by the fact that we wished improve our service to you the on-line visitor.

It is envitable that visitors to the site will find some errors and we would welcome constructive comments to improve, where we can, the site.   Just as important, if anyone finds any errors within the text panels would you please informs us by leaving comments on the Guestbook. 

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking those, who have been aware for some time of the work in progress, for their patience.  

I would also wish to publicly thank Richard Long-Fox, Martin McIntyre for their hours of dedication of checking the Collection and re-writing the History of the Regiments resepctively, David Chilton for the work on the Soldier Search database , Bob Hambling for the photographic work involved in producing images for the shop and the remainder of the volunteers and staff who have had to endure a rather scratchy Curator for the past few months. 

Web Site Update

20th Apr 2011

We intend during the Easter Holidays to update the web site; something we have been trying to do for some time.   There will be major changes to the look of the site and how one navigates through the site.   Whilst we appreciate that this may cause some concerns, the volunteers who have been working like Trojans behind the scenes, are sure that the enhanced data available will be welcomed by our visitors.

As you navigate through the new site, may we ask that any constructive comments are left in the new web site's "Guest Book", as this will enable us to improve our service to you.

RGBW (Berkshire) Regimental Weekend

21st Mar 2011

RGBW (Wiltshire) Regimental Weekend

21st Mar 2011

RGBW Regimental Weekend

21st Mar 2011

Museum Refurbishment 2011

25th Jan 2011

During the months of December and January, the museum is closed to the public, but this can be our busiest time of the year. While there are no members of the public viewing the displays, this gives us the opportunity to make any alterations, which usually involves painting scenery in the cases, dressing new mannequins and moving artefacts, including weapons.

This year we have been busy creating a new, permanent display about the war in Afghanistan from 2005 until today in which the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment (RGBW) and later the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry (RGBWLI), and The Rifles have taken part.

The new Temporary Exhibition for 2011, as yet untitled will be about soldiers' innovative ideas and inventions and will be open in time for Easter.

The museum reopens to the public on Tuesday 1st February.

Busman's Holiday for the Volunteers

20th Jan 2011

17th January 2011

Museum Volunteers Visit to the Imperial War Museum

'A Busman's Holiday'

This year the Museum Curator Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd) Michael CORNWELL decided that he would thank the volunteers and supporters for their work with a days trip to the IWM in London in Lieu of a Christmas gathering. A coach load left Salisbury about 08.30 in awful weather conditions arriving at the IWM mid morning. Thereafter the volunteers were free to explore. Many had either not visited the museum, or had not been there for many years. A focal point was the Ashworth Victoria Cross collection in its new setting on the 4th floor and only recently opened. Although none of our regimental VCs form part of the collection, one was of particular interest, that was the VC awarded to the Medical Officer of the 6th (Service) Battalion of the Royal Berkshire Regiment Captain ACKROYD VC MCin the 1st World War. He only ever served in that battalion so he is considered to be one of us. Of further interest was the VC of Boy CORNWELL, Royal Navy a family member of the curator killed in action during the Great War. The Holocaust exhibition was of course very sobering. The promise of a three course meal at the Savoy came to nothing, and we all had sandwiches in the IWM canteen. An excellent day out summed up by one of our older volunteers, our weapons expert Mr Peter SHORTEN who was heard muttering "I really enjoyed that, but I must say the Charabancs have improved somewhat now they have roofs!!!"



New DVD available from our shop

29th Nov 2010

A new DVD entitled 'Wiltshire at War' is now available from our shop priced £14.99.

This well documented film is 85 minutes long and is full of images and film related  Wiltshire's involvement during the Second World War, and we highly recommend it and is an ideal Christmas present to anyone interested in local history. It includes footage of some of the museum displays, an interview with Curator Michael Cornwell and images from our collection.

Wiltshire was one of the most militarised counties during the Second Wold War, but the story of 'Wiltshire at War' is not just about the army, or training. It was here that weapons were developed, tactics were tried and tested and operations planned and mounted. British, Commonwealth and American troops all made use of the varied facilities, and of course the civil population played their part, working in the factories or fields, or belonging to an organisation such as the Home Guard or the ARP.

This DVD explores a wide variety of locations throughout the county, such as the garrison towns of Warminster, Bulford and Tidworth; the RAF bases at Lyneham, Boscombe Down, Keevil, Blakehill Farm, Old Sarum and Hullavington; the important research establishment at Porton Down; aircraft production at Swindon, Blunsdon and Sevenhampton, plus much more.

Don't forget, the museum shop has lots of interesting products that would also make ideal Christmas presents. Click on 'Museum Shop' to the left of your screen to see what else is available!


16th Nov 2010

While attending the Rifles Freedom parade, The Duchess of Cornwall visited The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum and also attended a reception hosted by The Rifles regiment and the Mayor of Salisbury in a marquee set up in the grounds of the museum.
 During her visit to the museum, she was able to relax and take a break from the proceedings in the museum's library, which was hastily converted into a comfortable living room for her to relax in. Afterwards she awarded bravery medals to soldiers from the Rifles who had served in Afghanistan in the Regimental Room. She was also very taken with 'Bobbie' the dog who was wounded at the battle of Maiwand in 1880, Afghanistan and who met Queen Victoria who gave him an Afghan medal. Our picture shows her standing next to him.

On 16th October 2004 the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment (one of the regiments of which formed The Rifles) was granted the Freedom of the City of Salisbury. HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip in his capacity as Colonel in Chief, received the honour on behalf of the Regiment and took the salute in the Market Square. Later, when the regiment became the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry it exercised its right to march through the streets with 'Colours flying, bayonets fixed and band playing' and the last 'Freedom Parade' took place in Salisbury on 14th October 2006.

The Rifles do not have 'Colours' so they will march with 'Bugles sounding, Officer's swords drawn, Riflemen carrying rifles and band playing'!

Object of the Month, in conjunction with the Salisbury Journal

15th Oct 2010

Object of the Month, in conjunction with the Salisbury Journal

The item selected for October is the Bernières sign. This is displayed above the reception desk in the entrance hall. You can see it until the end of November when the Museum closes for the winter.