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War Diaries


The Battalion war diaries of the Royal Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiments for both the First World War and the Second World War have been transcribed and are available on this website but have, along with the relevant Battalion history, now also been published.  All the war diaries, along with the relevant Battalion history, are now available for purchase - in both cases, from the Museum Shop on this site.

The information presented here is only that of the actual diaries and total almost 16,500 records covering 15 battalions during World War 1 and the 8 battalions during World War 2. The information does not include (with a few exceptions) operation orders, appendices or other supplementary documents.

The accuracy of the transcription is not guaranteed. Where the original has more than one entry for a day, these entries have been merged into one entry. Text in square brackets is not original data, but inserted to assist in interpreting the diary text.

Perhaps the most powerful facility is for text search. Using this you can find all records where another unit is mentioned (e.g. Dorset) or a person. Please note that private soldiers are rarely mentioned by name.