Home of the Infantry Regiments of Berkshire and Wiltshire

Published books on the Regimental History of the Regiments by various authors covering either the whole history of a Battalion/Regiment or a specific period of time or war as well as some other regiments books.  The books appear by Antecedent Regiment order, that is all The Royal Berkshire Regiment, followed by the Wiltshire Regiment, then the DERR, the RGBW, the Rifles, 1 Wessex, the RRV and other regiments.

2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment in World War 1


A History of the 5th (Service) Battalion Wiltshire Regiment 1914-1919 - Paula Perry


A Journal of the 1/4th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment 1914 - 1918


A True Soldier Gentleman


China Dragon s Tales - The 1st Battalion of The Royal Berkshire Regiment in the Great War


Cold War Warriors


Duke of Edinburgh s Royal Regiment 1959-1994 - Martin McIntyre


Last Twelve Years


Maiwand - Last Stand of the 66th Berkshire Regiment


Maiwand 1880


Royal Berkshire Regiment 1743 - 1914 - Martin McIntyre


Royal Berkshire Regiment 1914-1959 - Martin McIntyre