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2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment in World War 1


This publication follows on from the story of the 1st Battalion, again researched and published by Ian CULL and the team from Reading. The 2nd Battalion came from India fully up to strength and were thrown into the horrors of the Western Front. ISBN 0 7524 3571 X

The 2nd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment was a fighting force of hardened professionals, recalled from guarding the Empire to face the German onslaught in 1914. Encountering weather conditions they were unaccustomed to, trench warfare and tropical diseases, they found themselves in a war unlike anything they had ever trained for. Following many attacks, they were almost obliterated by the end of the war. Dispite countless setbacks, the Battalion never lost its spirit, and never forgot the traditions of the Royal Berkshire Regiment. This book covers a few short years between 1911 and 1919, showing the Battalion at its best. It is a richly rearched history, featuring rare images from the museum of The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) at Salisbury.