Oath of Allegiance Ceremony Monday 19th November 2012

Oath of Allegiance Ceremony Monday 19th November 2012

11th Dec 2012


12 new Army recruits from Salisbury were sworn an oath of allegiance to the Queen as part of their official entry into a career with the British Army. The Attestation ceremony took place here at The Rifles Museum and included a traditional parade of the new recruits in front of their proud friends and family.

Having successfully completed their oaths of allegiance, each candidate received his or her Attestation certificate which marks the final completion of their recruiting process and welcomes them as new members of the British Army.

Aged between 17 and 26, the new recruits will now embark on training courses that range in length, depending on their chosen career path. They will go through military, leadership and vocational training, helping them to gain the soldiering skills they need before moving to their selected regiments and corps.

Anne-Marie Magaharan who is joining The Royal Army Medical Corps as a Combat Medical Technician said, “It’s a very special feeling to stand up in front of my family and pledge to serve my country and my Queen. I’ve always wanted to do something a bit different in my career so joining the Army really is my dream job. I can’t wait to get started on my training.”

Lieutenant Colonel Brendan Shaw, the Commander Regional Recruiting of 43 Wessex Brigade, who presented the certificates to the new recruits said, “We’re very proud of all our new recruits – they have demonstrated strong potential in a competitive recruiting process and now the adventure begins.

“Their careers with the Army will be as rewarding as they are challenging, offering them the opportunity to travel abroad, take part in a range of sports and build friendships that last a lifetime.”

The 12 new recruits will be employed as a variety of Army professions including combat medical technicians, chefs, electricians, vehicle mechanics and riflemen. The Army offers a wide variety of careers for both soldiers and officers, both Regular and Territorial Army, with over 200 different job types available.

Recruiting remains one of the Army’s highest priorities and there are currently more than 200 jobs for people living in the Wiltshire and Dorsetarea which need to be filled each year. For further information about the exciting career opportunities available in the Army visit www.armyjobs.mod.ukor call the Army Careers Information Office (ACIO) Salisbury on 01722 320 445.

Full list of new recruits

1. Daniel Burton, 21, Tidworth, Royal Armoured Corps (King’s Royal Hussars)

2. Jamie Crossley, 18, Tidworth, Adjutant General’s Corps Pro

3. Anne-Marie Magaharan, 24, Salisbury, Royal Army Medical Corps Combat Medical Technician

4. Salome Sauduadua, 26, Larkhill, Royal Army Medical Corps Combat Medical Technician

5. Michael Mercer, 17, Warminster – Royal Logistics Corps Chef

6. Adriu Tuilagi, 23, Bulford – Rifles

7. Mark Thompson, 19, Salisbury– Rifles

8. Dean Newman, 19, Durrington – Rifles

9. Alexander Stevenson, 20, Warminster - Rifles

10. Jacob Noble, 23, Warminster – Royal Artillery

11. Joshua Risi, 20, Salisbury– Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Vehicle Mechanic

12. Daniel Till, 18, Gillingham - RE Electrician