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Key Points fom January 1916 - 100 Years ago

4th January

First Attempt to relieve Kut begins: relieving force begins advance from Ali Gharbi.


6th January

H.M.S. "King Edward VII" sunk by mine off North of Scotland.

Action of Sheikh Sa'ad (Mesopotamia) begins.


7th January

Evacuation of Helles (Gallipoli Peninsula) begins (see 8th and December 28th, 1915).


8th January

Evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsula completed


10th January

Mount Lovchen (Montenegro) taken by Austrian forces.

Corfu occupied by French forces

Russian offensive towards Erzerum begins


12th January

Armistice concluded between Montenegro and Austria.


21st January

First British Attack on Hanna (Mesopotamia): First Attempt to relieve Kut fails


24th January

First Military Service Bill passed by British House of Commons (see February 10th).


27th January

Great Britain: The Military Service Act is passed by Parliament, imposing conscription on all single men aged 18 to 41 in Great Britain. Exemptions were made for men in essential war work, those declared medically unfit, religious ministers, and conscientious objectors. (The period of conscription was in force until 1919).


29th January

Last German airship raid on Paris.


31st January

Airship raid on England; furthest penetration westwards; casualties 183.