Home of the Infantry Regiments of Berkshire and Wiltshire

Finding out about Dad

Swindon residents Ken and Mary Sturgess had wanted to find out more about Ken's father, Edward Alfred Sturgess, who had served with the 2nd Battalion The Wiltshire Regiment during World War 1. Edward's three medals had been mounted on a card along with his metal cap badge, which had been struck by a bullet while he was on the Western Front. Edward had survived.

During his visit to the Wardrobe we were able to provide Ken with information about Edward's service, from enlistment to discharge, including the date he was wounded, 13th March 1915.

A bonus to the visit was that we were also able to provide Mary with similar information about her grandfather Albert Beale. Like Edward, Albert was from Swindon, had also served in the 2nd Wiltshires and had also been captured during the final stages of the war in 1918. Mary had only found out about Albert being in the Wiltshires through research into Swindon residents serving in the war being carried out by Mark Sutton.

Ken and Mary were also able to meet museum volunteer, Nigel Lampard, who had transcribed many of the records of the 2nd Wiltshires, including the information we passed on today. They also had their copy of the Wiltshire Regiment 1914-1959 by Martin McIntyre signed by the author. As the advert says, 'Some things are priceless.'

Pictured here in the Wardrobe's memorial garden are Ken and Mary with Edward's medals and damaged badge, which Ken has passed on to his son.