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FEBRUARY 1916 ? Key Events During World War One

2nd February

German airship "L.-19" founders in the North Sea.

8th February

British Government request naval assistance from Japan


10th February

Military Service Act comes into operation in Great Britain

German Government send Note to United States Government stating that defensively armed merchantmen will be treated as belligerents from March 1st onwards.


14th February

Entente Powers make declaration guaranteeing to Belgium eventual independence and indemnification.


16th February

War Office take over anti-aircraft defence of London from the Admiralty, and become responsible for anti-aircraft defence generally throughout the kingdom.

War Office take over from the India Office control of operations in Mesopotamia.


21st February

Battle of Verdun begins

Battles of the Western Front: Grinding Battles of Attrition in 1916 — Verdun

German airship "L.Z.-77" brought down by French gunfire at Revigny

German Government inform United States Government that defensively armed merchantmen will henceforth be regarded as cruisers.


25th February

Fort Douaumont (Verdun) stormed by German forces


28th February

The nucleus of a British air squadron formed to bomb German industrial centres


29th February

Action in North Sea between German raider "Greif" and British auxiliary cruiser "Alcantara": both sunk.