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Buglers from 5 RIFLES sounded a medley of historic calls as a musical prelude to a valuation evening by experts from auction house Woolley & Wallis at The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum in Salisbury. The calls, which once governed every aspect of Riflemen’s lives from getting up in the morning to fighting a battle, rang out across the Cathedral Close before guests took historic items to be valued into the museum’s beautiful garden at The Wardrobe.


The evening was a collaboration between the museum, which preserves and commemorates the histories of the Royal Berkshire Regiment and the Wiltshire Regiment, THE RIFLES, the modern-day successors to these famous county regiments, and Salisbury-based Woolley & Wallis, one of Britain’s leading auction houses.


On a perfect sunny autumn evening, the event began with a series of calls from the Napoleonic era by the buglers from 5 RIFLES, a 600-strong regular infantry battalion based at Bulford Camp, near Salisbury. After marching onto the green outside the museum at the famous fast pace adopted by Rifle regiments, the buglers sounded a medley of calls ranging from the welcome announcement that their food was ready to the less happy news that the enemy was approaching.


“It was great to have serving buglers from 5 RIFLES support us by putting on their excellent display,” said Tony Field, Trust Manager of The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum. “The history of bugling is a strong part of our heritage and, as a museum, we celebrate this story. We are keen to keep the link with serving battalions alive and well.”


After the bugling display, the event moved into a marquee in the garden of The Wardrobe, where specialists from seven different departments at Woolley & Wallis, were ready to greet visitors and value objects that they had brought along. Among those providing expert advice was Ned Cowell, Head of Medals and Militaria at the auction house, who is also a Trustee of the museum’s supporting Trust.


The museum was open late and guests were able to browse its remarkable collection of artefacts from campaigns across several centuries and an impressive array of medals, including eight Victoria Crosses. “We are tremendously grateful to Woolley & Wallis for providing the wide range of expertise which made this event possible,” said Mr Field.


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