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War Diary

Regiment 1st Royal Berkshire
Location France, La Metz F Valley
Entry Foggy mng. Pte Miller killed in trenches. Chaplain held service over grave of men buried near Metz Farm. Brigadiers order for mutual support by battalions attached marked "A". [Transcribed below] 3/10/14 1. In the event of a heavy attack on Rifle Point, or if the enemy ever effected a lodgement on that hill, units will be prepared to take following action when ordered. South Staffordshires and 1/2 Btn Rifles now there to maintain or re-establish our complete hold of the hill. Brigade Reserve to move North along side of hill and support the above. Berkshire Reserve to move to support "Rifle Mound" or counter-attack enemy between Canal and Rifle Mound. Kings to move one or more Coys by Canal Bridge North of La Metz Farm, or at Le Metz Farm, and act on right of Berkshires. 2. In event of heavy attack on Berkshires, S. Staffords support by fire - Rifles by counter attack South of RIFLE POINT - Kings by fire and counter-attack from Canal Bridges at and North of Le Metz Farm. 3. In event of Kings being heavily attacked reserve of Berkshires and Rifles will be ready to counter-attack from near LE METZ farm, or move on MOUSSY to support. S. Staffords support by fire. Acknowledge. Signed. R. Fanshawe. Brig Genl. 6.20pm 6th Inf Bde. Certified true copy. L.C. Kelly. Capt.