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During Apr 1798, England, Sandwich. Further move this time to Sandwich
During Apr 1798, Haiti, Port au Prince. This was evacuated
During May 1798, Belgium, Ostend. Only one man was wounded in the Grenadiers and it seemed the Light Company never disembarked
On 16 May 1798, England, Sandwich. Troops including companies of the 49th were embarked to sail for Ostend
On 19 May 1798, Belgium, Ostend. Troops arrived off Ostend and were landed for the purpose of demolishing the locks of the Bruges canal. Four officers, a surgeon and 85 soldiers fell into the hands of the French
During June 1798, England, Broadstairs. Remaining companies of the 49th deployed here
On 1 July 1798, England, Yarmouth. A detachment of 42 men deployed here
On 1 July 1798, Channel Islands, Jersey, St. Hellier. The remainder of the 49th deployed here
On 24 Sept 1798, West Indies, St. Domingo, The Mole. Remnant of Regiment embarked for Jamaica, where it landed on 21 October, for what proved to be an uneventful spell.
During 1799, England, Poole. 62nd marched from Cornwall to here where they received orders to recruit from the militia, and received 1300 men. The Regiment was now formed into two battalions each with eight hundred men. Orders were given to join the Army in Holland, but were later cancelled
On 1 Feb 1799, England, Portsmouth. 49th returned to Hillsea Barracks near Portsmouth
On 17 May 1799, Canada, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Regiment landed at Nova Scotia, having left Port Royal, Jamaica on 20 March, and undertook much needed recruiting and started to reinforce what was a mere skeleton of a regiment.
During June 1799, England. Members of the Grenadiers taken prisoner at Ostend exchanged and rejoined the Regiment at Winchester
On 6 June 1799, England, Winchester. 49th deployed here
During July 1799, England, Romsey. 49th Regiment deployed here, then transferred to Barham Downs in preparation for expedition to North Holland. 49th as part of the 1st Division embarked on 12 August, setting sail for Holland in very bad weather on 13 August
On 27 Aug 1799, Holland, Heiber. 1st Division finally landed a few miles south of Helder, and as part of St. John Moore's brigade established a firm bridgehead
On 29 Sept 1799, Holland. Planned advance of English countermanded owing to weather. On 2 October the Battle of Egmont-op-Zee took place. On 8 October all British Forces withdrew to behind the Zype Canal
On 28 Oct 1799, Holland, Helder. 49th embarked at Helder. It landed at Yarmouth and marched to Norwich, deploying there on 1 November
During Nov 1799, Canada, Bay of Fundy. Regiment marched to Annapolis Royal on this Bay
During 1800, England. With disturbances still existing in Ireland, both Battalions were ordered there