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During Dec 1777, America, Philadelphia. Howe went into winter quarters here. The 49th are presumed to have been with him
On 4 Dec 1777, America, Philadelphia. The 49th Light Company and possibly other battalion companies successfully engaged in an attack by Washington's troops, at Chestnut Hill and Whitemarsh, who they helped to drive back
On 7 May 1778, America, Delaware River. The 49th Light Company with others embarked on the Delaware in a successful expedition to keep it open, collect supplies and destroy enemy ships
On 24 May 1778, America. Sir Henry Clinton took over command of the army from Howe
On 18 June 1778, America, Philadelphia. It was decided the British troops would evacuate Philadelphia and fall back on New York. This included the 49th except for the grenadier Company which remained with the rearguard under Clinton. On this date the troops reached Allentown unmolested
On 5 July 1778, America, New York. Troops finally reached New York
On 7 July 1778, America, New York. 49th quartered in Staten Island
On 16 July 1778, Ireland, Clonmel. Regiment in camp at Two Mile Bridge near here, with the Light Company in Camp at Kinsale.
On 28 Aug 1778, America, New York. 49th Light Company played a principal part in surrounding and taking an American dragoon regiment
On 1 Oct 1778, Ireland, Ardfinnan. Regiment in Camp here. During November two companies were deployed to Clonmel, five companies to Kilkenny, two companies to Cashel and one company to Kinsale.
On 13 Dec 1778, West Indies, St Lucia. As part of a British force the 49th was sent to seize St. Lucia. Holding the island in a bloody battle against the French, the 49th earned the battle Honour of St. Lucia, although this was not officially sanctioned until 1900
During 1779, Ireland, Cork. Nine Companies deployed here during the year. In may one company was deployed to Wexford, the Light Company with their Brigade, two companies to Dungarven, five companies to Waterford and one company remained in Kinsale.
On 1 July 1779, West Indies, St Lucia. 49th still on duty here
On 25 Sept 1779, Ireland, Carigoline. Light Company in Camp near Carigoline, rejoining the Regiment on 1 November.
During 1780, England, Lincoln. The 62nd remained here until 1782 until it was deployed to Newark, New York during 1782 until 1783.
On 25 June 1780, West Indies, St Lucia. Letter sent to Secretary of State saying 'C-in-C (Vaughan) had ordered the 49th to be drafted, as through losses and illness it had become ineffective'. A few of its remaining soldiers were drafted to other regiments
During Jan 1781, Ireland, Cork. 49th deployed here
During Mar 1781, Ireland, Belfast. 49th deployed here
During 1782, England, London. Wiltshire chosen as County for 62nd Regiment title
On 31 July 1782, Ireland. Although the 49th had never set foot in England, under new policies it became known as the 49th Hertfordshire Regiment