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During 1775, America, Charleston Peninsula. The 49th took their turn in garrison duties here at various times
During 1775, Ireland, Galway. 62nd deployed here where the establishment was raised to 580
On 6 Apr 1775, Ireland, Cork. Due to the outbreak of the American rebellion, the Regiment embarked at Cork for America.
On 17 June 1775, America, Boston. The 49th arrived off Boston. They took their turn in garrison duties here at various times
During Oct 1775, Ireland, Belfast. Regiment arrived at Belfast, with Headquarters and two companies deployed to Killough, two companies to Downpatrick and the rest of the Regiment deployed to Carrickfergus.
During 1776, Canada, Saratoga. Fought campaign under General Burgoyne. Light Company distinguished at Trois Rivieres. Regiment captured with General Burgoyne. Casualties 18 officers, 15 Non Commissioned Officers , 83 other ranks killed or wounded. They acquired the nickname 'The Springers.' They remained prisoners for three years. Then returned to England
During 1776, Ireland, Cork. 62nd returned to Cork for embarkation to America, and landed in Canada
During Mar 1776, Ireland, Dublin. Regiment quartered here
On 7 Mar 1776, America, Boston. Army ordered to prepare for evacuation of Boston
On 17 Mar 1776, America, Halifax. As a unit of General Howe's army the 49th sailed for Halifax entirely unmolested
On 7 June 1776, America, Halifax. The 49th embarked on the 'Brilliant' and the 'Three Sisters'
On 11 June 1776, America, Halifax. 49th finally sailed for New York
On 3 July 1776, America, New York. 49th landed at Staten Island and became part of Howe's 2nd Brigade
On 5 May 1777, America, Staten Island. The 49th passed from 2nd to 1st Brigade
On 23 July 1777, America, Staten Island. Howe taking the 1st Brigade and leaving New York, decided to invade Pennsylvania. The cessation of fine winds enabled him to alter his destination to Chesapeake
On 25 Aug 1777, America, Chesapeake. Due to more bad weather, only able to land at head of Elk River
On 3 Sept 1777, America, Philadelphia. First contact between Howe's and Washington's armies
On 10 Sept 1777, America, Brandywine Creek. Washington with approximately 12,000 men was established on the Delaware River, this meant Howe having to cross the creek at Chad's Ford, which took them to the next day the 11th
On 10 Sept 1777, America, Chad's Ford. The 49th took part at the attack at Chad's Ford, which resulted in the complete defeat of Washington's centre. The Light Company of the 49th particularly distinguished itself in a night attack at Brandywine Creek
On 4 Oct 1777, America, Philadelphia. The 49th appear to have been in action when the Americans attacked Howe's army at an outpost called Chew's House