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On 13 May 1758, England. The 2nd Battalion of the 19th Foot was converted into a new Regiment, the 66th. The new Regiment had nine companies including a Grenadier company. This Regiment played no active part in the Seven Years War. Three companies were deployed at Berwick, two at Alnwick and one at Shields.
During Aug 1758, England, Sunderland. One company from Alnwick deployed here and two companies from Morpeth deployed at Bishop Wearmouth.
During Sept 1758, England. A draft of 200 men sent to embark for Senegal
During Dec 1758, England, Sunderland. Regiment here mainly engaged in supplying escorts for French prisoners
During 1759, Canada, Quebec. 62nd under General Wolfe were engaged in the glorious action of the Plains of Abraham. With so few being left the remainder were ordered to Europe
During June 1759, England, Berwick. Three companies were deployed at Berwick, four companies at Newcastle, one company at Sunderland and one company at East and West Shields
During Dec 1759, England, Goldalming. The Regiment marched South. Three companies were deployed at Godalming, three at Petersfield, two at Alton and one company at Fareham.
During 1760, Ireland, Carrickfergus. 1200 French, under General Thurot landed at Carrickfergus. 130 men of the 62nd defended a ruined castle against the French through three assaults. After the Colonel (Jennings) was wounded, the detachment, suffering heavy loss, and out of ammunition, surrendered. The French granted Honours of war, and prisoners of war on parole rights, until exchanged. A vote of thanks was received from the Irish House of Commons
During Feb 1760, England, Portsmouth. A draft of 574 was detailed to go to Portsmouth and the whole of the Regiment was marched there to see the draft off. The remains of the Regiment then marched to Frome, where three companies were deployed and Bradford on Avon, where another three companies were deployed and one company at Bruton.
During Apr 1760, West Indies, Jamaica, Port Royal. Companies of the Regiment stationed at Port Royal, Jamaica were used to suppress a negro insurrection. One of the last battles of importance was at a place called Bagnal's and the 49th almost certainly played a part in this
During May 1760, England, Landguard Fort. The whole Regiment marched here
During Dec 1760, England, Trowbridge. Two companies deployed here and, in January 1761, the Regiment returned here with detachments sent out to Bruton, Shepton Mallet and to Bradford-on-Avon, where the detachment was needed to control riotous assemblies.
During 1761, West Indies, Jamaica. The insurrection finally quelled. Colonel Walsh died during the year. General John Stanwix succeeded him as Colonel on 24 October
During Apr 1761, England. Regiment had to supply two drafts, one to Germany and one to Belle Isle
During May 1761, England, Plymouth. Regiment at dock looking after French prisoners of war
During 1762, England, Plymouth. Regiment spent the year at Plymouth, with a short period, during the year, at each of Frome, Somerton, Chard, Bridgewater, Crookhorn, Tiverton and Yeovil.
During 1762, West Indies, Jamaica, Spanish Town. During 1762 the Regiment was deployed to various places: Five companies deployed to Jamaica, Spanish Town One company deployed to Jamaica, Port Ontario One company deployed to Jamaica, Montego Bay One company deployed to Jamaica, Mitcham One company deployed to Jamaica, Kingston One company deployed to Jamaica, Old Harbour One company deployed to Jamaica, Negro Town One company deployed to Jamaica, Black River One company deployed to St Lucia
On 20 Apr 1762, West Indies, Guatemala, Mosquito Coast. Governor Lyttleton writes he has sent Captain Joseph Otway of the 49th to the Mosquito Coast apparently as a subordinate to Captain Hodgson, who was then in Honduras
During 1763, West Indies, Dominica. 62nd Regiment deployed here until 1769
On 3 May 1763, England, Bideford. Regiment ordered to Bideford from Plymouth to embark for Ireland.