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During 1804, Canada, Fort George. There was an unpleasant incident here. When a revolt was planned by Non Commissioned Officers and Men of the 49th over the treatment of some of these deserters who had been caught
During 1804, England, Winchester. 2/66th's organisation was completed at Winchester and it was ordered to Ireland, where it landed during March and marched to Geneva Barracks.
During Feb 1804, Canada. These men and the deserters faced a Court Martial in Quebec. One Sergeant, one Corporal and three Privates of the 49th were condemned to death. The execution took place on 2 March, but was a bungled affair as the condemned were severely wounded before being killed
On 6 Mar 1804, England, Winchester. 1/66th transferred to Gosport from Winchester, emabrked there on 7 March and finally sailed for Ceylon on 20 March, having obtained a fair wind. It landed at Trincomalle on 18 July.
During June 1804, Ireland, Clonooney. 2/66th deployed to Clonooney and to Curragh during July and back to Clonooney in September.
During Sept 1804, Ceylon, Jaffna. 1/66th. Five companies detached to serve here until July 1805, when it rejoined Headquarters at Jaffna.
During 1805, Ireland, Middleton. First Battalion (1/62nd) embarked and sailed from here for the West Indies. Orders were countermanded and the Battalion landed and marched to Mallow to be otherwise employed
During 1805, Canada. Colonel Brock, in command, took home leave. Lieutenant Colonel Sheaffe took command of 49th in his absence. Early in 1806 Brock returned to 49th Regiment. Brock was promoted Major General and, in 1810, sent to take command of the troops in Upper Canada and later became Lieutenant Governor
During June 1805, Ireland. 2/66th deployed to Tuam in June, to Birr in November, to Clonmel in January 1806, to Cashel in November 1806 and to Loughrea in January 1807.
During 1806, Ireland, Cork. 1/62nd sailed from here to join troops in Hanover, but the Army there being about to return, the 1/62nd disembarked in England
During 1806, England, Plymouth. 1/62nd then re-embarked and sailed with the expedition to the Mediterranean
During 1806, England, Brayborne Lees. 1/62nd deployed here, later going into camp at Shorncliff
During 1806, England, Ramsgate. 1/62nd embarked here for foreign service, they landed at Plymouth and encamped in the neighbourhood
During 1807, Sicily, Messina. 1/62nd arrived and in the course of the year sailed with an expedition to Egypt and stayed there for about four months before returning to Sicily later in the year
During Dec 1807, Ireland, Athlone. 2/66th deployed to Athlone, to Curragh in July 1808 for summer camp and to Dublin in August.
During 1808, Channel Islands, Jersey. 2/62nd stationed here
During 1808, Sicily, Calabria. 1/62nd Flank companies and one Battalion company detached to the relief of Scylla Castle in Calabria. Attacked by the French
During 1809, Sicily, Melazzo. 1/62nd sailed from here with an expedition under Sir John Stewart to Naples, capturing Ischia and Procida, and destroying the magazines, before returning to Sicily
During Feb 1809, Ireland. 2/66th deployed to County Cork, then to Middleton
On 29 Mar 1809, Ireland, Cork. 2/66th sailed for Lisbon from Cork and disembarked at Belen on 6 April, from where it marched to Coimbra, which it reached on 8 April.