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Maiwand - Last Stand of the 66th Berkshire Regiment


MAIWAND - The last stand of the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment in Afghanistan, 1880, by Richard J. Stacpoole-Ryding. A well researched and indexed publication consiting of 224 pages including many new images from the Regimental archives.

MAIWAND - The last stand of the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment in Afghanistan, 1880 History does not afford any grander or finer instance of gallantry and devotion to Queen and Country than that displayed by the 66th Regiment at the Battle of Maiwand on the 27th July 1880 General Primrose, Dispatches, 1 October 1880. On 27 July 1880 the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment fought a terrible battle on the dusty plains of Afghanistan. The battle went down in history as a disaster which effectively wiped out the regiment. They lost 10 officers and 275 men. Nonetheless their valiant fighting was an inspiration to many, from Kipling to Conan Doyle, who based Dr Watson on the 66th’s Medical Officer Surgeon-Major Preston. Queen Victoria presented gallantry medals to the survivors at Osborne on the Isle of Wight. This book tells the story of this fine Victorian regiment from 1870 when they went to India through Afghanistan and back to England in 1881. This excellent work was produced by Richard J. Stacpoole-Ryding supported by a team from the museum. Richard has studied this battle and period for many years and continues to do so.