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Classic Reserves CD


A collection of traditional military and popular band music by the Volunteer Band of the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment. Click details for run list.

The run list is: The Great Little Army (K.J. Alford) English Suite (Grundman) Beguine Festival (Osser) Standard of St. George (K.J. Alford) Army of the Nile (K.J. Alford) 28th/61st (G.Plummer) (Gloucestershire Regiment slow march) Auld Robin Grey (Rev. W Greeves) (Wiltshire Regiment slow march) Scipio (G.F. Handel) (RGBW slow march) Old Comrades (C. Teike) The Farmer\'s Boy (Anon) (DERR quick march) The Vly (Anon) (Wiltshire Regiment quick march) Kynegad Slashers (Anon) (Gloucestershire Regiment quick march) The Young May Moon (Shield) (A favourite march of the 28th Foot) Dashing White Sergeant (Royal Berkshire Regiment quick march) Widdicombe Fair (Anon) Royal Canadian Regiment March (St. Catherine) Sphinx and Dragon (G. Clegg) (RGBW quick march) Rule Britannia (T. Arne)