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The 1st Battalion The Wiltshire Regiment in the Great War


Published by and available from the Museum, this book provides an excellent companion to the transcribed war diary of the 1st Wiltshires, providing the sort of analysis that will be of assistance to those studying the infantry during the Great War and the Wiltshire Regiment in particular.

Edwin Astill has taken the transcript war diary of the 1st Battalion The Wiltshire Regiment and produced this book; an excellent and detailed analysis of it. The book\'s sections are: Introduction. Part 1 - Following a brief history of the battalion there are six chapters covering the Battalion\'s service. Part 2 - Three personal diaries Part 3 - Special topics, including; a. Commanding Officers b. Officer casualties c. Fate of original officers landing in France, Aug 1914 d. Locations e. Training f. Christmas on Active Service g. Religious observance h. Sport i. Weaponry Appendicies, including; a. The War Diary (Extract from Field Service Pocket Book) b. Formations including 1st Wiltshires c. Route taken by the Battalion 16 Aug-5 Sep 1914 d. Shot at Dawn - The case of Pte Tanner e. Analysis of NCO Roll January 1916 f. Sequence of Commanding Officers g. Gazetteer of places occupied by the 1st Wiltshires