The BEF in 1917



This is the photographic history of the British Army during its struggles at Arras, Vimy, Messines, Passchendaele and Cambrai.   Featuring striking photographs from 1917, this volume brings together the most powerful images of a force under immense pressure.   The highly controversial offensive in Flanders brought hugh casualties on both sides, leading it to be referred to by the Germans as “the greatest martyrdom of the War”.




The startling conditions experienced by troops involved in these actions and the insurmountable bravery shown make for a truly compelling set of photographs, designed to challenge and expand the way the Great War is viewed.




Bob Carruthers is one of the UK’s leading military historians and is famous in the UK for the bestselling book “The Wehrmacht in Russia” published by Pen and Sword, which topped Amazon bestseller charts in 2012.   Bob is also an Emmy Award winning film-maker whose work in the form of series such as “Battlefield”, “Line of Fire”, and “Weapons of War” are channel staples that are shown on BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, PBS and numerous other channels around the world.