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9th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of Sergeant Owen Attewell taken in 1915. He was not a career soldier but a pre-war school teacher being the master of Welford and Wickham school, located a few miles from Newbury. He started his war service at Welford, as a Special Constable but enlisted into the Royal Berkshire Regiment on the 14th August 1915. His potential for leadership was quickly spotted and by the 18th he was promoted to full corporal. By October the same year he was promoted to sergeant. He remained with the Battalion for a year receiving a Commission in 1916 into the 4th Battalion Royal Fusiliers. By 1917 he had risen to the rank of Major and over the year that followed won a Military Cross and Bar. The finale to his army career was when he rode at the head of the 4th Fusiliers into Cologne. After the War he returned to Welford and his profession of teaching. In 1921 he took up the position of Master of Hungerford Council Elementary School. He is buried in the Parish Church Great Shefford Berkshire

Person(s): Attewell, O, Sergeant;

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