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SBYRW : 11506

1st/4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia double portrait photo of Privates T W Tull and Rosier around 1914

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SBYRW : 31771

5th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photocopy of a photograph of seven ex-prisoners of war. It was taken at Arbeitkommando 4101, Kistlerhof Strasse, Munich, early in May 1945, shortly after their liberation. Left to right are Guardsman 2738968 John F. Nowland, Welsh Guards. (POW No 88486), Private 14398274 Charles H. Pinnell, DCLI (POW No 87191), Guardsman 1839890 Alfred T. Addison, Scots Guards (POW No 87624) Private 14705092 John Miles, DLI (POW No 86210), Guardsman 2738711 Dennis F. Rosier, Welsh Guards, (POW No 87626), Private 6017608 Thomas Wright 5th Wiltshire Regiment,(POW No 87170) Private 6032107 John V. Webb, 5th Wiltshire Regiment (POW No 86205)Private Webb had previously landing in France on the 6th June 1944 with the 5th Royal Berkshire Regiment, later transferring to the Wiltshire Regiment. He was captured shortly after the crossing of the River Seine.

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SBYRW : 33322

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of ?A? Company in India believed to have been taken about 1906. It shows, in the top row from left to right, Privates Spooner, Waring, Purdue, Sadler, Townsend, L/Corporal Bellinger, L/Corporal Willoughby, L/Corporal Bradley, Privates Smith, Haunts, Sturgess, Ridge, Stilton, Richardson and Roshier. In the 2nd Row from left to right are Privates Skinner, New, Chandler, Abbott, Trinder, Whatling, Gurney, Gilbert, Morton, Wallis, Morse, Poynter, Molloy, Pratley and L/Corporal Garside. In the 3rd Row from left to right are Private Barnes, L/Corporal Carpenter, Privates Baker, Beasley, Butler, Bristowe, L/Corporal Pearce, L/Corporal Mills, Privates Gilding, Horne, Goddard, Heath, Gee, Hines, Hill and Dobson. In the 4th row from left to right are Privates Dewe, Axton, Arnold, Bowsher, Bowler, Colhoun, White, Holdway, Garrett, L/Corporal Chandler, Privates Lawrence, Bolton, Mills, Lawrence, Lockley, Matthews, Parker and Vicars. In the 5th row from left to right are Privates Robson, Hasmmond, Terry, L/Corporal Woodland, Corporal Tibbles, L/Sergeant Harrowing, Segeant Grey, Colour Sergeant Markham, Lieutenant J. Duberly, Major F.W. Foley DSO, 2nd Lieutenant J.R. Robertson, Sergeant Bloomfield, Sergeant Biggs, L/Sergeant Parker, Corporal Meades, Privates Sedgley, Haynes and Newman. In the front row are Privates Whiting, Perkins, Shave, Drummer McGlinchey, Drummer Greenwood, Boy Shea, Privates Ellis, O?Halloran and Reeves.

Person(s): Spooner, , Private; Waring, , Private; Purdue, , Private; Sadler, , Private; Townsend, , Private; Bellinger, , L/Corporal; Willoughby, , L/Corporal; Bradley, , L/Corporal; Smith, , Private; Haunts, , Private; Sturgess, , Private; Ridge, , Private; Stilton, , Private; Richardson, , Private; Roshier, , Private; Skinner, , Private; New, , Private; Chandler, , Private; Abbott, , Private; Trinder, , Private; Whatling, , Private; Gurney, , Private; Gilbert, , Private; Morton, , Private; Wallis, , Private; Morse, , Private; Poynter, , Private; Molloy, , Private; Pratley, , Private; Garside, , L/Corporal; Barnes, , Private; Carpenter, , L/Corporal; Baker, , Private; Beasley, , Private; Butler, , Private; Bristowe, , Private; Pearce, , L/Corporal; Mills, , L/Corporal; Gilding, , Private; Horne, , Private; Goddard, , Private; Heath, , Private; Gee, , Private; Hines, , Private; Hill, , Private; Dobson, , Private; Dewe, , Private; Axton, , Private; Arnold, , Private; Bowsher, , Private; Bowler, , Private; Colhoun, , Private; White, , Private; Holdway, , Private; Garrett, , Private; Chandler, , L/Corporal; Lawrence, , Private; Bolton, , Private; Mills, , Private; Lockley, , Private; Matthews, , Private; Parker, , Private; Vicars, , Private; Robson, , Private; Hammond, , Private; Terry, , Private; Woodland, , L/Corporal; Tibbles, , Corporal; Harrowing, , L/Sergeant; Grey, , Sergeant; Markham, , Colour Sergeant; Duberly, J, Lieutenant; Foley, F W , Major; Robertson, J R, 2nd Lieutenant; Bloomfield, , Sergeant; Biggs, , Sergeant; Parker, , L/Sergeant; Meades, , Corporal; Sedgley, , Private; Haynes, , Private; Newman, , Private; Whiting, , Private; Perkins, , Private; Shave, , Private; McGlinchey, , Drummer; Greenwood, , Drummer; Shea, , Boy; Ellis, , Private; O'Halloran, , Private; Reeves, , Private;

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SBYRW : 34404

Berkshire Home Guard - A black and White photograph of the Leckhampstead detachment about 1941. It shows, in the rear row, from left to right, Privates A. Taylor, N. Matthews, C. Bolton, A. Rosier, D. Miles and E. Barker; in the second row again from left to right, are Privates R. Ford, V. Cannings, J. Baylis, C. Swain, F. Herbert, S. Kempster and C. Bailey; in the front row are Private K. Beckett, L/Corporal E. Deacon, Sergeant C. Greenaway, Lieutenant N.B. Crundall, Lieutenant S.W. Brown, Private A. Goddard, -?-, -?-, and, in the front are Cadets Blogg and Taylor.

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