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SBYRW : 36453

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of Warrant Officers and Sergeants in Dublin in 1921. It shows in the rear row from left to right, Sergeant Sanders, Sergeant Drewitt, Sergeant Bradshaw, L/Sergeant Foakes, Sergeant Walker, Sergeant Hayter, Sergeant Preece, L/Sergeant Tippett, Sergeant Saunders, Sergeant Tovey and Sergeant Colborne. In the 2nd row are Sergeants Giles, Archard, Harris, Gale, Elliot, Yeatts, Bucknell, Collier, White, Sweeney and Wilson. In the 3rd row are Sergeant Drummer Mead, Sergeant Webb, Sergeant Liddard, CQMS Seton, CQMS Fennell, Sergeant Wayman, Sergeant Fitch, Sergeant Verge, Sergeant Jefferies MM, Sergeant Bathe, CQMS Fortune and CQMS Brain. Seated at the front are Armourer S/Sergeant Woolaston, RQMS Keep, CSM Baish, CSM Waite MC, DCM, RSM Parker, Lieutenant R.F.J. Hayward VC, MC, Colonel Commandant R.D.F. Oldman CMG, DSO, Major E.L. Makin DSO, Bandmaster Collier, CSM Weston, CSM Wilkins, CSM Penny and QMS (Orderly room Sergeant) Gray.

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SBYRW : 43772

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the Sergeants in Lucknow Barracks on the 1st October, 1923. In the rear row from left to right sre Sergeants Farley, Preece, Rose, Bacon and Wilson. In the 2nd row are Sergeants Lapping, R J Giles, Pennoek, White, Kent, Powis, Thomas, Collier, Colborne. The third row consists of Sergeants Verge, Grimshaw, Waite MC, DCM, Smith, Mack, Giles, Pounds, Poolman MM, Bolter and Findlay. Behind it in the 4th row, again from left to right, are an unidentified Drum Major, Sergeant Tovey MM, Sergeant Woolaston (RAOC), CQMS Randell MM, CQMS Fennell, CQMS Fortune, CQMS Hand, CQMS Vardy DCM, Sergeant Saunders, Sergeant Batholomew and CSM Baish. Seated are SMI Bathe, CSM Hill, RQMS Keep, RSM Parker, Major Ponsford, Colonel Oldman, Lieutenant Cole, Bandmaster Collier, RQMS Grey, CSM Wilkins and CSM Penny.

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