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SBYRW : 37807

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white group photograph of the No 1 (Sergeants Colour Company on the occasion of the anniversary of the Battle of Ferozeshah held at Fort St George India in 1940. In the rear row are Sergeants, Tanner, Webbere, Loane, Enness, Oram, Farmer, Cordery and L/Sergeant Nutland, Sergeant Cooper, L/Sergeant Scott, L/Sergeant Davis, Sergeant Gilbert, L/Sergeant Unwin, Sergeant Mortimer, Sergeant Ellis, Sergeant White, Sergeant Hobbs and L/Sergeant Mortimer. In the middle row are Sergeants Allen, Peacock, L/Sergeant Haines, L/Sergeant Spratt, Armourer Sergeant Smith, Sergeant Daniels, L/Sergeant Hollingsworth, Drum Major White, L/Sergeant Morley, Sergeant Brett, Sergeant Harvey, Sergeant Uren, Sergeant Hart and L/Sergeant West. In the front row areOrderly Room Colour Sergeant Ruse, CQMS Smith, CQMS Dixey, PSM Trinder, PSM Morris, CSM Andrews, CSM Chalk, CSM Nichols, RSM W H Milsom, Bandmaster Mr W T Atkins, RQMS Simper, CSM Goswell, CSM Brown, PSM Blake, CQMS Baggs, CQMS Dunkjley and CQMS Bailey.

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SBYRW : 43979

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of all the members of the Sergeant Mess in Tidworth, 1926. They consist of portrait images laid out on the background of a Regimental Badge. Each image is numbered. (1) Sergeant W. Smith, (2) L/Sergeant W. Findlay, Armourer (3) Staff Sergeant H. Chelin (RAOC), (4) L/Sergeant P. Miles, (5) Sergeant W A, Seton, (6) Sergeant G. Muskett, (7) CSM A T, Hill, (8) L/Sergeant F. Maggs, (9) CQMS W E, Randell MM, (10) Sergeant E H Poolman MM, (11) Bandmaster H A, Collier, (12) Sergeant (Orderly Room) A F, Bacon, (13) Sergeant J H, Waite MC, DCM, (14) Colour Sergeant (Orderly Room) E G, Harris, (15) Sergeant H. Lee, (16) L/Sergeant Blades, (17) Sergeant C W , Saunders, (18) Sergeant L D, Colbourne, (19) L/Sergeant C, Smith, (20) Sergeant R F, Kent. (21) CQMS A. Hand, (22) Sergeant H. Marks, (23) Band Sergeant A.V. Bartholomew, (24) RQMS A. Keep MSM, (25) L/Sergeant E. Smith, (26) Sergeant Drummer J.W. Mead, (27) CQMS D.J. Vardy DCM, (28) Sergeant C.W. Sanders, (29) Sergeant G. Lane, (30) CQMS S.C.U. Rose, (31) Sergeant E.R. Powis, (32) Lieutenant and Adjutant O.G. Woodhouse, (34) Sergeant G. Simper, (35) L/Sergeant P. Mack MM, (36) Lieutenant F.H. Dansey CMG, DSO, (38) RSM G. Parker, (39) Sergeant C. Giles, (40) CSM J.J. Burrows, (41) CQMS W.H. Smith MM, (42) Sergeant G. Larkham, (43) L/Sergeant E. Veck MM, (44) CSM J.A. Penny, (45) Sergeant B.G. Parsons, (46) L/Sergeant R.P. Smith MM, (47) CSM C. Lewis, (48) L/Sergeant A. Ockwell, (49) Sergeant E.W. King, (50) CSM R. Billings MSM, (51) Sergeant W.H. Grimshaw, (52)Sergeant W.H.R. Burrows. [Some of the numbers on the original image are out of sequence]

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