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SBYRW : 39137

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Guard of Honour at Warminster for Field Marshal Sir John Harding, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, in 1954. Carrying the Colour is Lieutenant Fladgate; on the left is Major Royle.

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SBYRW : 39145

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white group photograph of the officers at Warminster on the occasion of the farewell visit of General Platt in 1954. In the rear row from left to right are Lieutenant Munn, Lieutenant Hyslop, 2nd Lieutenant Chester, Lieutenant Bashall, Captain Graham, Lieutenant Parks, 2nd Lieutenant Lea-Cox, and 2nd Lieutenant Beswetherick. In the centre row are Major Ward, Major Royle, Lieutenant Kirkbright, 2nd Lieutenant V. Ridley, Lieutenant Edwards, 2nd Lieutenant Cobbold, Lieutenant Thompson, Lieutenant Oldfield, Major Parson and Major Ferro. Seated are Major Gilson, Major Stephenson, Lieutenant Colonel Wood, General Platt, Major Woolnough MC, Major Comerford-Green and Captain Fladgate

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SBYRW : 39150

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (Colonel in Chief) observing an anti-tank team in action during a visit to the Battlion at Warminster on the 25th November, 1954. He is with Major Royle

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SBYRW : 39155

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of members of the Battalion on exercise on the Okehampton Training Area in 1955. This shows the Commanding Officer's recce party with, from left to right,.Lieutenant Colonel L H Wood OBE, Major R F Coles MBE, Major R A S Ward MC, Major E A P Ferro and Major R P Royle.

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SBYRW : 48919

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photo of the battalions arrival at Corsham, Wiltshire on the 20th September, 1947 having arrived from India. Here ?B? Company march off. leading is Major Royle and Captain Edwards.

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SBYRW : 48974

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white Image of the inspection of the Battalion by Field Marshall Sir Claude Auckinleck, Commander in Chief, India at Jullundur, India, February, 1947. Here he takes the salute as ?B? Company march past led by Major Royle.

Person(s): Royle, , Major;

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SBYRW : 7381

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the Support Company at Warminster in 1954 Photographer; Moulton Bros. Trowbridge -

Person(s): Graves,, Private; Clark,, Private; Fouch,, Private; Watts,, Private; Salisbury,, Private; Riley,, Private; Palmer,, Private; Hatherall,, Private; Phillimore,, L/Corporal; Hawkins,, Private; Pauley,, Private; Futcher,, Private; Sutton, Corporal; Bennett,, Private; Brewer,, Private; Trubridge,, Private; Shaw, Corporal; Dunn,, Private; Lambourne,, Private; Andrews,, Private; Dear,, Private; Burdock,, Private; Pemberthy,, Private; Brown,, L/Corporal; Prestoe,, Private; Sheppard,, Private; Taylor,, Private; Berryman,, Private; Hume,, Private; Wyatt,, Private; Pemberty,, Private; Berry,, Private; Martin,, Private; Sangar,, Private; Bush,, L/Corporal; Dobie, Corporal; Maisey,, Private; Woolford,, Private; Legg, Corporal; Boughton,, Private; Weeks,, Private; Greenstock,, Private; Robbins,, Private; Burris,, Private; Gilbert,, Private; Roberts,, Private; Gassor,, Private; Nobes,, Private; Hill, Corporal; Vosper,, L/Corporal; Parker,, Private; Knobbs,, Private; Bartlett,, Private; Palmerino,, Private; Bradbury,, Private; Pearson,, Private; Clancy,, Private; Lane,, Private; Cox,, Private; Fryer,, Private; Fox,, Private; Cole,, Cfn; Lammin,, L/Corporal; Simpson,, L/Corporal; Adlam,, Private; Troke,, Private; Parker,, L/Corporal; Poolman,, Private; Wilkins,, Private; Furse,, Private; Powell,, Private; Britten,, Private; Howe,, Private; Brown,, Private; Redding,, Private; Mansell,, L/Corporal; Mizen,, Private; Johnson,, Private; Bovey,, Private; Kent,, Private; Hardcastle,, L/Corporal; Daniels,, Private; Smith,, Private; Huish,, Private; Ford,, Private; Harvey,, Private; Ladd,, Private; Clegg,, L/Corporal; Cripps,, Private; Dallimore,, Private; Wheeler,, Private; Evans,, Private; Bushnell,, Private; Lewis,, Private; Price,, Private; Morris,, L/Corporal; Burns,, Private; Saunders,, Private; Nash,, Private; Lethbridge,, Private; Cole,, Private; Lynch,, Private; Greenham,, Private; Morley,, Private; O'Callaghan,, Private; George,, L/Corporal; Nichols, Corporal; Quinnel, Corporal; Briggs, D, Sergeant; Wheeler, W, Sergeant; Barrow, J, Sergeant; Price, Company J, Major; Fladgate, D W, Lieutenant; Bashall, J E, Lieutenant; Royle, R P, Major; Welsh, R T, Lieutenant; Parks, D A, Lieutenant; Farrelly, Company Quarter Master J, Sergeant; Bennett, G, Sergeant; Geike, A, Sergeant; Smith, M, Sergeant; Banks, Corporal; Lake, Corporal;

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