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SBYRW : 11940

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white portrait photo of Sergeant J Power at Bareilly, India. around 1923

Person(s): Power, J, Sergeant;

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A river patrol along the border with Guatemala and includes a Guatemalan Army Post in the background.

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SBYRW : 15230

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - Three black and white photos taken during a short tour by 'B' Company in British Honduras in 1969 .

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The whole team training in Berlin and consisting of L/Corporal Victor Rodda, L/Corporal Anthony West, Private Kevin Power, Corporal Vernon Kew and Lieutenant Anthony Lake

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SBYRW : 15239

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - Three black and white photos of the team which won the Cyprus Walkabout in 1972 Photographer; Klaus Marche, Army Public Relations Photo Section, HQ Berlin.

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(right to left) Lieutenant Anthony LAKE, Private Kevin POWER, Sergeant 'Cappy' KEW and two unidentified soldiers. Lieutenant LAKE later went on to command the 1st Bn, WESSEX Regt (TA).

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SBYRW : 16831

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - Berlin 1971-1973 Eight black and white photos of the Cyprus 'walkabout' team in training.

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SBYRW : 28976

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white group photograph of the officers of the Battalion at Crief in Scotland in 1940. The Battalion arrived at this location at the end of June 1940 having fought in the retreat to Dunkirk. The following named officers are in this photograph but their exact position is not known: Lieutenant Chivers, Lieutenant Early, Lieutenant Sarre, Lieutenant D.F. Ballantine, Lieutenant McMurray, Lieutenant Widwell, Lieutenant Power, Lieutenant Clarke, Lieutenant Culverhouse, Lieutenant Watson, Lieutenant (QM) Cooke, Captain Boyd, Captain Hoare, Captain N.E.C. Kenrick, Major Wait MC, Lieutenant Colonel G. Thompson DSO MC, Major Lloyd DSO MC, Captain Goodenough, Captain Hudson, Major C.F. Read.

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SBYRW : 33838

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Battalion football team in Northern Ireland in 1973. It shows, in the rear row from left to right, Private Power (Command Companyy), Corporal D. Fielding ("C" Company), Corporal Nulty (Command Company), L/Corporal Rolfe ("Cmpany), Sergeant M. Mortimer (Command Comany), Sergeant J. Venus ( "C " Coy) and L/Corporal Jenkins ( "C" Coy). and, in the front row from left to right, Corporal Jeffries ( "C " Coy), Private Swanick (" C" Company), Corporal Cox ? Team Captain ("A " Company), Private M. Hayworth (D Company) and Private Rolls (Command Company).

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SBYRW : 37682

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the officers' cricket team when they played the Garrison tennis club ladies at Tanglin on the 5th June 1934 at a game of cricket. Lieutenant A.J. Reith, Lieutenant N.E.C. Kenrick, 2nd Lieutenant C.F.G. Bond, Captain H.B. RoseMC , Lieutenant E.E.H.L.H. Walter, Captain L.H. Bearne, 2nd Lieutenant J.L.R. Huelin, Captain J.H. Peacock, Major R. Evelyn-Smith, Lieutenant T.A. Arnold, Captain N.F.V. Hamilton, Captain S.M.C. Theyre, Lieutenant Colonel J.H.M. Mee. (Ladies middle row) Mrs Reith, Mrs Russell, Mrs Evelyn-Smith, Mrs Winder, Mrs Cox, (front L to R) Miss Power, Mrs Arnold, Mrs Rose, Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Mee, Mrs Graham, Mrs Walter, Mrs Theyre. (Nearly all the ladies in this team were married to officers from the Battalion)

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SBYRW : 43421

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment ? A colour photograph of three Commonwealth War Graves (Left) Captain J J Power, (Centre) Corporal L. Lush DCM, (Right) Corporal A. Twist. These graves are located in Minturno War Cemetery, Italy. All were killed in action in 1944.

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SBYRW : 6915

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and White group photograph of the members of the Corporals Mess at Dover, March, 1912. [Rear Row [6th] L to R] L/Corporals Green, Milliard, Rogers, Ward, Cripps, Holmes, Eyre, Hemmings, Strange, Payne, Yates, Surridge, Davis, Cooper, Ireland. [5th row L to R] L/Corporals Backhus, Clark, Harris, Taylor, Gibbs, Sheppard, Tubb, Peppiatt, Turvey, King, Merritt, Harris, Theobold, Burberry. [4th Row L to R] L/Corporals Belcher, Candy, Tiesteel, Corporal Herbert, L/Corporal Cochead, Corporal Siney, L/Corporal Pettit, Corporal Cross, L/Corporals Noyes, Nice, Corporals Wickins, Lovell, L/Corporal Puckett, Corporal Prior, L/Corporal Blagrove. [3rd Row L to R] Corporal Saxton, L/Corporals Crump, Hoar, Pleasant, Power, Summers, Vickers, Hobson, Barwood, Coe, Prangley, Dearlove, Adams, Fussell, Corporal Watts. [2nd Row L to R] L/Corporal Welsh, Corporal Adams, L/Corporal Stringer, Corporals Horseman, Bligh, Gibbons, Smith, Captain and Adjutant W.K. Bailey, Lieutenant Colonel A.J.W. Dowell, Sergeant Major W. Cox, Corporals Lewis, Carter, Goody, Baldwin, L/Corporal Golder. [Front L to R] L/Corporals Hill, West, Richardson, A. Beeson, Yates, Sumpster, Weston, Janaway, Corporals Barnett, Bull, Cook, L/Corporal Barwood.

Person(s): Green,, L/Corporal; Milliard,, L/Corporal; Rogers,, L/Corporal; Ward,, L/Corporal; Cripps,, L/Corporal; Holmes,, L/Corporal; Eyre,, L/Corporal; Hemmings,, L/Corporal; Strange,, L/Corporal; Payne,, L/Corporal; Yates,, L/Corporal; Surridge,, L/Corporal; Davis,, L/Corporal; Cooper,, L/Corporal; Ireland,, L/Corporal; Backhus,, L/Corporal; Clark,, L/Corporal; Harris,, L/Corporal; Taylor,, L/Corporal; Gibbs,, L/Corporal; Shepphard,, L/Corporal; Tubb,, L/Corporal; Peppiatt,, L/Corporal; Turvey,, L/Corporal; King,, L/Corporal; Merritt,, L/Corporal; Theobold,, L/Corporal; Burberry,, L/Corporal; Belcher,, L/Corporal; Candy,, L/Corporal; Tiesteel,, L/Corporal; Herbert, Corporal; Coxhead,, L/Corporal; Siney, Corporal; Pettit,, L/Corporal; Cross, Corporal; Noyes,, L/Corporal; Tice,, L/Corporal; Wickens, Corporal; Lovell, Corporal; Duckett,, L/Corporal; Prior, Corporal; Blagrove,, L/Corporal; Saxton, Corporal; Crump,, L/Corporal; Hoar,, L/Corporal; Pleasant,, L/Corporal; Power,, L/Corporal; Summers,, L/Corporal; Vickers,, L/Corporal; Hobson,, L/Corporal; Barwood,, L/Corporal; Coe,, L/Corporal; Prangley,, L/Corporal; Dearlove,, L/Corporal; Adams,, L/Corporal; Fussell,, L/Corporal; Watts, Corporal; Welsh,, L/Corporal; Adams, Corporal; Stringer,, L/Corporal; Horsman, Corporal; Bligh, Corporal; Gibbons, Corporal; Smith, Corporal; Bailey, W K, Captain; Dowell, A J W, Colonel; Cox, W, Major; Lewis, Corporal; Carter, Corporal; Goody, Corporal; Baldwin, Corporal; Golder,, L/Corporal; Hill,, L/Corporal; West,, L/Corporal; Richardson,, L/Corporal; Beeson,, L/Corporal; Sumpster,, L/Corporal; Weston,, L/Corporal; Janaway,, L/Corporal; Barnett, Corporal; Bull, Corporal; Cook, Corporal;

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SBYRW : 9041

66th Regiment - A sepia portrait photo of Lieutenant S D Power in civilian clothes in 1867 Photographer; Asplet and Green, Jersey

Person(s): Power, S D;

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