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SBYRW : 11367

5th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the Staff Sergeants at Inkerman Barracks, Woking in 1915 including, seated 1st left, Henry (Harry) Charles Perry MC who was commissioned as a Lieutenant and Quartermaster on 8 July 1918 when he was despatched to Basra in Mesopotamia (now Iraq)

Person(s): Perry, WOI H;

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SBYRW : 11799

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the 'H.Q.' Wing Soccer Team who were the winners of the Inter-Company Football Challenge Shield 1932-3

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SBYRW : 12907

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A colour photo of the gravestone of Sergeant Richard Leslie Perry who died on the retreat to Dunkirk on 28 May 1940 and is buried in Oostaverne Wood Cemetery - the date of the photo is not known

Person(s): Perry, R L, Sergeant;

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SBYRW : 13674

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the Signal platoon shooting team who were the winners of inter-platoon snap shooting competition at Fyzabad in India around 1929 Photographer; Gaurie Shanker, Fyzabad, India

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SBYRW : 16097

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A colour photo of Corporal Perry of 'B' Company undergoing training in 1985 when the Battalion was stationed at Canterbury in Kent

Person(s): Perry, Corporal;

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SBYRW : 17136

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photo of Bandsman Perry at Mustapha Barracks, Alexandria, in Egypt in 1931

Person(s): Perry,, Bandsman;

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SBYRW : 19846

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Officer's Mess Centerpiece, later melted down

Person(s): Perry, P;

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SBYRW : 21471

Wiltshire Home Guard - A black and white photograph of a Wiltshire Home Guard unit, taken outside the Red Lion Inn, dated October 1942. The location and people in this photograph were not originally named, but following an appeal on the Museum's website the pub was confirmed in August 2009 as the Red Lion, Castle Eaton, licensee Reginald G King, and the unit as the Blunsdon Platoon. The landlady at the time provided the information given here from a copy of the photograph in the pub which named all those present. All rows read from left to right. Top row:- W. Kemble, E. Walsh, W. Wiltshire, R. Kemble, J. Kemble, J. Cole, H. Mills, P. Mills, W. Stroud. 2nd row:- E. Beazley, I. Wiltshire, F. Mulcock, T. Card, H. Kemble, Mr. Vines, A. Percival, C. Kemble, S. Wilkins, S. Curtis. 3rd row:- B. Card, R. Mulcock, H. Cole, H. Painter, B. Nicholls, Mr. Skinner, E. Adams, A. Drew, J. Jackson, J. Pearce, S. Brunsdon, A. New. Seated Row:- A. Staples, W. Mulcock, G. Wiltshire, T. Adams, T. Green, Major Archer (with trilby hat), S. Maundrell, Mr. King (Licensee), W. Wiltshire, J. Adams, Mr. Groves. Sitting on floor:- P. Stroud, S. Marshall, R. Wiltshire, E. Stroud, Mr. Perry, T. Sandle, C. Agamber, J. Mulcock.

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SBYRW : 25005

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of ?A? Company in Londonderry, where they were stationed from July to November 1979. This photograph is named.

Person(s): Kew,, L/Corporal; McIntyre,, Private; Clay,, Private; Pigdott,, Private; Wigley,, Private; Cook,, Private; Weaving,, Private; Hall,, L/Corporal; Parrett,, Private; Broadbent,, Private; Thrasher,, Private; Langdon,, Private; Dyer,, Private; Mallamdain,, Private; Hudd,, Private; Stone,, Private; Mellam,, Private; Bradley,, Private; Salisbury,, Private; Guy,, Private; Cable,, Private; Balmer,, Private; Jackson,, Private; Morag,, Private; Missen, Private; Dodd,, Private; Walkington,, Private; Pullman,, Private; Willcox,, Private; Hopgoog,, Private; Cowel,, Private; Kuryszko,, Private; Telfer,, Private; Burgess 31,, Private; Kordowski,, Private; Warren,, Private; Roberts,, Private; Prosser,, Private; Hutchins,, Private; Proctor,, Private; Keen,, Private; Walter,, Private; Ditchburn,, Private; Murtagh,, Private; Farley,, Private; Speck,, Private; McCauley,, Private; McLaughlan,, Private; Hewer,, Private; Summer,, Private; Maddison,, Private; Grocock,, Private; Garner,, Private; Beeby,, Private; Powell,, Private; Petherick,, Private; Baker,, Private; Stewart,, Private; Tucker,, Private; Maxwell,, Private; Watchorn,, Private; Kruse,, L/Corporal; Davey,, L/Corporal; Frith,, Craftsman; Roller,, Private; Goldsmith,, Private; Barton,, Private; Richards,, Private; Burgess 67,, Private; Worledge,, Private; Hatt,, Private; Harriss,, Private; Sutton,, Private; Minns,, Private; Hillier,, Private; Essery,, L/Corporal; Thompson,, Private; Devlin,, Private; Parker,, Private; Sobers,, L/Corporal; McIntyre,, L/Corporal; Johnson,, L/Corporal; Evans,, L/Corporal; Bawden,, L/Corporal; Shinnick,, L/Corporal; Austin,, L/Corporal; Wragg,, L/Corporal; Caves,, L/Corporal; Alden,, L/Corporal; Holmes,, L/Corporal; Ferry,, L/Corporal; Perry,, L/Corporal; Dennison,, L/Corporal; Smith,, L/Corporal; Fisher,, L/Corporal; White,, L/Corporal; Roberts,, L/Corporal; Lewis,, L/Corporal; Snee,, L/Corporal; Annear,, L/Corporal; Samson,, Sergeant; McIntryre,, Sergeant; Gardner,, Sergeant; Merhlich,, Colour Sergeant; Haugh,, 2nd Lieutenant; Franklin,, Captain; Saunders,, major; Wiggins,, WO2; Durant,, Captain; King,, 2nd Lieutenant; Carr,, 2nd Lieutenant; Morgan,, Colour Sergeant; Hiscock,, Colour Sergeant; White,, Sergeant; Dobson,, Corporal; House,, Corporal; Hedwood,, Corporal; Trappe,, Corporal; Herbert,, Corporal; Goddart,, Corporal; Mallinson,, Corporal; Shead,, Corporal; Hignett,, Corporal; Hole,, Corporal; Allen,, Corporal; Bush,, Corporal; Tait,, Corporal; Chapman,, Corporal; Lovelock,, Corporal;

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SBYRW : 25369

5th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of Lieutenant (Harry) Charles Perry, Military Cross, at some time during the 1st World War

Person(s): Perry, C, Lieutenant;

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SBYRW : 25454

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of Drummer A Keelson at Bangalore in India dated 2nd October 1924 and addressed to Corporal Perry.

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SBYRW : 26520

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia portrait photograph of Private Perry together with his girlfriend or wife. It is believed he went on to get promoted and was awarded the Military Medal.

Person(s): Perry,, Private;

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SBYRW : 26521

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia group photograph of a group of newly promoted Lieutenants at an Officer Training establishment. In the rear row (2nd from the left) is Lieutenant Perry. He had previously won the Military Medal.

Person(s): Perry,, Lieutenant;

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SBYRW : 26522

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of newly promoted Lieutenant Perry at an Officer Training establishment. He had previously won the Military Medal but we cannot establish which battalion he was with when he won it. The military Medal ribbon is visible. This image is blown up from 26521

Person(s): Perry,, Lieutenant;

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SBYRW : 28814

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the brass tablet placed in Devizes church in December 1886 in memory of those who died in India from 1882 to 1886. It lists the following soldiers. Lieutenant Colonel A.M. Moir, Lieutenant Colonel C.J. Greenham, Major G.A. Wayman, Captain C.C. Nevile, Capt and Adt J. Stevens, Guille, Sergeant W. Bristow, Sergeant J. Seymore, Corporal W. Bailey, L/Corporals R. Mortimer, G.A. Warson, G. Clifford. Privates, W. Perry, G. Miles, E.G. Doughty, J. Deal, J, Chandler, J. Bainton, A. Perrett, J. Giles, H. Mortimer, G. Hunt, W. Hodges, R. Couldery, H. Welch, J. Woodhouse, Tom Plank, J. Carey, C.H. Brown, W. May, T. Complin, E. Painter, E. Minty, C. Barter.

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SBYRW : 29110

99th Regiment - A sepia photograph of Sergeant Instructor Perry. He is in the uniform of one of the Wiltshire Volunteer Battalions.It is belived this photo was taken around 1880.

Person(s): Perry, , Sergeant;

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