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SBYRW : 18704

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A copy of a black and white photograph of three soldiers at Hildesheim ("Bloss" Crossthwaite,(at the rear), Maurice Otway (on the right) and Frank Marshall, on the left)) in January or February 1947

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SBYRW : 32255

49th Regiment - A sepia photograph of nine officers in civilian clothes at Dover in 1880 just before the merger with the 66th Regiment. The photo shows, in the rear row from left to right,) Lieutenant E. Rhodes, Lieutenant F.B.R. Hemphill, Lieutenant C. Evans-Gordon, in the centre row, Lieutenant W.A. Collings, Captain R.S. Green, Captain A.N. Burns.and in the front row, Lieutenant E.J. Brooke, Lieutenant J.T.F.Otway, Lieutenant H.W. Holden.

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SBYRW : 6729

49th Regiment - A sepia portrait photo of Lieutenant Otway in 1880 Photographer - Van der Neyde, 182 Regent Street, London

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