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SBYRW : 34968

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour digital group image of ?A? Company on the 8th June 1984 on the occasion of the presentation of new Colours at Canterbury..In the back row from left to rtight are Privates O'conner and Melvin, Corporal Hignett, Privates Horton, Langdon, Skinner, Byrne, Money, Hudd, Domjan, Kerr, Corns and Reason. L/Corporals Bowler, Wright, Corporal and Stanley. In the third row again from left to right, Privates Bolton, Gollop, Gardiner and Townley, Corporal McIntyre, L/Corporal Hopgood, Privates Leeson, Crew, Cross, Gibbins, Thomas, McDonald, Holmes, Lilley and Smith 37, Corporal Annear and Privates Quatermain and Reynolds.. In the second row from left to right/ are Privates Ockwell, Critcher, Humphries, Farrington, Noonan, Sims and Hunter, Corporal Evans, Privates Panting, Immerson, Friday and Whitehurst, Corporal Probets, L/Corporal Edwards, Privates Cannon, Cocken and Anderson, L/Corporal Smith and Private Gardner. In the front row are Private Smith 02, Sergeants Christian, Cox and Truman, C/Sergeant North, CSM (WO2) Godwin, Major Lake, Captain Thornell, Lieutenants Smith and Dennis and Privates Speck, Harris, Fodey, Cook and Powell.

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SBYRW : 43979

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of all the members of the Sergeant Mess in Tidworth, 1926. They consist of portrait images laid out on the background of a Regimental Badge. Each image is numbered. (1) Sergeant W. Smith, (2) L/Sergeant W. Findlay, Armourer (3) Staff Sergeant H. Chelin (RAOC), (4) L/Sergeant P. Miles, (5) Sergeant W A, Seton, (6) Sergeant G. Muskett, (7) CSM A T, Hill, (8) L/Sergeant F. Maggs, (9) CQMS W E, Randell MM, (10) Sergeant E H Poolman MM, (11) Bandmaster H A, Collier, (12) Sergeant (Orderly Room) A F, Bacon, (13) Sergeant J H, Waite MC, DCM, (14) Colour Sergeant (Orderly Room) E G, Harris, (15) Sergeant H. Lee, (16) L/Sergeant Blades, (17) Sergeant C W , Saunders, (18) Sergeant L D, Colbourne, (19) L/Sergeant C, Smith, (20) Sergeant R F, Kent. (21) CQMS A. Hand, (22) Sergeant H. Marks, (23) Band Sergeant A.V. Bartholomew, (24) RQMS A. Keep MSM, (25) L/Sergeant E. Smith, (26) Sergeant Drummer J.W. Mead, (27) CQMS D.J. Vardy DCM, (28) Sergeant C.W. Sanders, (29) Sergeant G. Lane, (30) CQMS S.C.U. Rose, (31) Sergeant E.R. Powis, (32) Lieutenant and Adjutant O.G. Woodhouse, (34) Sergeant G. Simper, (35) L/Sergeant P. Mack MM, (36) Lieutenant F.H. Dansey CMG, DSO, (38) RSM G. Parker, (39) Sergeant C. Giles, (40) CSM J.J. Burrows, (41) CQMS W.H. Smith MM, (42) Sergeant G. Larkham, (43) L/Sergeant E. Veck MM, (44) CSM J.A. Penny, (45) Sergeant B.G. Parsons, (46) L/Sergeant R.P. Smith MM, (47) CSM C. Lewis, (48) L/Sergeant A. Ockwell, (49) Sergeant E.W. King, (50) CSM R. Billings MSM, (51) Sergeant W.H. Grimshaw, (52)Sergeant W.H.R. Burrows. [Some of the numbers on the original image are out of sequence]

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SBYRW : 7272

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photo of the Battalion Cross-Country team who were the winners of the Dublin District Challenge Cup in 1920-21, taken at the Royal Barracks, Dublin, Ireland. Photographer; O'Reilly J.J. Dublin -

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