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1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph showing the officers of the Battalion together with the Colonel of the Regiment, Major General E.T. Dickson on the 12th August, 1914. This photograph was taken in Mandora Barracks, Aldershot, just prior to the Battalion's embarkation for the Western Front on the 13th August 1914. What happened to them in 1914 is also shown [Rear Row Standing L to R] 2nd Lieutenant G. Moore [Invalided], Lieutenant A.H. Hanbury-Sparrow [Wounded], 2nd Lieutenant J. Ransom [Wounded], Lieutenant R.G.B. Perkins [Killed], Lieutenant C.P. Wheeler [Killed]. [Middle row L to R] Lieutenant and Adjustant A. H. Perrott [Killed], 2nd Lieutenant Y. Wigan [Wounded], Lieutenant P. Reeves [Invalided], Lieutenant U.S. Hopkins [Wounded], 2nd Lieutenant A.P. Hibbert [Wounded], Lieutenant E.B. Orr [To Staff], 2nd Lieutenant T. Bartley-Dennis [Wounded - later killed 1918], Lieutenant C. St Q O Fullbrook-Leggatt [Wounded], Captain B.G. Broomhead [Invalided], Lieutenant G.H. Bishop, 2nd Lieutenant E.N. Burney [Invalided], Lieutenant C.W. Frizell [Wounded]. [Sat L to R] Captain H.H. Shout DSO [Killed], Captain L.H. Bit [Killed], Major Scott-Turner [Wounded and Prisoner of War]  Major General E.T. Dickson, Lieutenant Colonel M.D. Graham [Wounded], Major D. Blake Maurice DSO,[Invalided], Major F.F. Ready [ [To Staff], Captain T.E.C. Hunt [Invalided], Lieutenant and Quartermaster F. Batt [Invalided], Captain W. O’Keefe [RAMC]

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