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SBYRW : 13624

1st Bn, Wessex Regiment - A colour photo of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants at Annual Camp in 1979 in Cultybraggan in Mess Dress or Dinner Jackets

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SBYRW : 18566

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photo of the Battalion Athletics Team, winner of the Presidency and Assam District Athletic Championship, in India, sometime between 1921 and 1932, probably towards the end of that period. This photo is one of a collection of 14 of the Battalion found by a building contractor who was working on an unoccupied house in Aldershot and deposited by him at the Army Medical Museum there; three of the photos are named and the original owner, L/Corporal Greenaway, has been identified by his being the only common denominator to these three photos.

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SBYRW : 51356

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the battalion Athletic team who won the P and A District Athletic Championships, Calcutta in 1931 - 32 -33. This shows the 1933 winning team. Top Row L to R, Bandsman Leighfield [Mile], Bandsman Dodd [Hurdles], Drummer Haynes [440], Private Millsom [Weight] , Private Mower [ 880], Private Colley [Hurdles],  Bandsman Cross [Mile]. Middle Row L to R, Private Russell [Mile], L/Corporal Harper [ Sprints], Private Palmer [ Mile], L/Corporal Smith [High Jump], L/Corporal Povey [880], Signaller Clinton [Sprints], Private Brooks [Hurdles], Seated L to R, Corporal Greenaway [ 880], Corporal Davis [Long Jump and Sprints], Lieutenant J.A. Mellsop [440 and 880], Lieutenant Colonel A.D. Gordon DSO, MC, Sergeant Forward [ [Long Jump and Sprints], Corporal Eves [440], Corporal Welch [High Jump and Weight].

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SBYRW : 7873

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photo of an informal group of machine gunners at Aldershot in 1929

Person(s): Richards; Mower; Comton; Kyte; Toghill;

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