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SBYRW : 20253

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - Berlin 1971-1973 HRH The Prince of Wales visits the Battalion in Berlin 30th October 1972. In this black and white photo, he is seen talking to Private Rex FRANCIS (Far Right) and Private KHAN, both of 'B' Company. They are demonstrating the General Purpose Machine gun in the sustained fire role.

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SBYRW : 28704

66th Regiment - A black and white photocopy of a photograph of Ayub Khan, the commander of the Afghan forces that met the 66th Regiment on the field at Maiwand on the 27th July 1880.

Person(s): Khan, A.;

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SBYRW : 28718

66th Regiment - A copy of a colour photograph of the entrance to Durrani Graveyard, Afghanistan where Ayub Khan was buried in 1914. He was the commander of the Afghan forces at Maiwand in 1880. (This image is not of a good quality)

Person(s): Khan, A;

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SBYRW : 48753

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia group photograph of the officers at Bangalore, India, 1937. (Back row L to R) 2nd Lieutenant McLeod, (ULIA), 2nd Lieutenant Spink (ULIA), 2nd Lieutenant Maguire (ULIA). (Standing L to R) 2nd Lieutenant Hooper (ULIA), 2nd Lieutenant Liaf-khan (ULIA), 2nd lieutenant Hunt (ULIA), Lieutenant Hunter, Lieutenant Wood, 2nd Lieutenant Taylor (ULIA), Lieutenant Huelin, Lieutenant Newton-Dunn, Lieutenant Slee, 2nd Lieutenant Stephenson, Lieutenant Russell, Lieutenant Wort, Lieutenant Read. (Sat L to R) Subedar -?-, Captain Theyre, Major Shelford, Major Lloyd, Lieutenant Kendrick, Lieutenant Colonel Segrave, Major Ponsfnrd, Major Rose, Captain Peacock, Captain Ashley, Lieutenant (QM) Newton. [ULIA stands for Unattached list, Indian Army]

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