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SBYRW : 43979

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of all the members of the Sergeant Mess in Tidworth, 1926. They consist of portrait images laid out on the background of a Regimental Badge. Each image is numbered. (1) Sergeant W. Smith, (2) L/Sergeant W. Findlay, Armourer (3) Staff Sergeant H. Chelin (RAOC), (4) L/Sergeant P. Miles, (5) Sergeant W A, Seton, (6) Sergeant G. Muskett, (7) CSM A T, Hill, (8) L/Sergeant F. Maggs, (9) CQMS W E, Randell MM, (10) Sergeant E H Poolman MM, (11) Bandmaster H A, Collier, (12) Sergeant (Orderly Room) A F, Bacon, (13) Sergeant J H, Waite MC, DCM, (14) Colour Sergeant (Orderly Room) E G, Harris, (15) Sergeant H. Lee, (16) L/Sergeant Blades, (17) Sergeant C W , Saunders, (18) Sergeant L D, Colbourne, (19) L/Sergeant C, Smith, (20) Sergeant R F, Kent. (21) CQMS A. Hand, (22) Sergeant H. Marks, (23) Band Sergeant A.V. Bartholomew, (24) RQMS A. Keep MSM, (25) L/Sergeant E. Smith, (26) Sergeant Drummer J.W. Mead, (27) CQMS D.J. Vardy DCM, (28) Sergeant C.W. Sanders, (29) Sergeant G. Lane, (30) CQMS S.C.U. Rose, (31) Sergeant E.R. Powis, (32) Lieutenant and Adjutant O.G. Woodhouse, (34) Sergeant G. Simper, (35) L/Sergeant P. Mack MM, (36) Lieutenant F.H. Dansey CMG, DSO, (38) RSM G. Parker, (39) Sergeant C. Giles, (40) CSM J.J. Burrows, (41) CQMS W.H. Smith MM, (42) Sergeant G. Larkham, (43) L/Sergeant E. Veck MM, (44) CSM J.A. Penny, (45) Sergeant B.G. Parsons, (46) L/Sergeant R.P. Smith MM, (47) CSM C. Lewis, (48) L/Sergeant A. Ockwell, (49) Sergeant E.W. King, (50) CSM R. Billings MSM, (51) Sergeant W.H. Grimshaw, (52)Sergeant W.H.R. Burrows. [Some of the numbers on the original image are out of sequence]

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SBYRW : 43994

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the Sergeants Mess football team that played the Officers Mess on the occasion of the commemoration of the Battle of Ferozeshah held in Plymouth on the 22nd December 1926. Standing from left to rigt they are Sergeant Drummer Mead, -?-, Armourer Staff Sergeant Chelin, CSM Burrows, Sergeant Smith, RSM Brewer, Sergeant Waite, L/Sergeant Smith, Sergeant Larkham and Sergeant Saunders. Seated from left to right, are CQMS Rose, Sergeant Bacon, Sergeant Lane and Sergeant Grimshaw.

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