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SBYRW : 18338

4th B, Wiltshire Regiment - A colour photo of a reunion of the officers of the 4th and 5th Battalions at the Red Lion Hotel, Salisbury, 20th September 1995 Photographer; Jim Hopkinson, Robins, 93 Castle Road, Salisbury

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SBYRW : 18341

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the Officers at Annual camp at Fort Gomer, near Portsmouth, in 1948; this was the first Camp since the war and was a shorter one than usual Photographer; J C Lawrence and Sons, Gosport

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SBYRW : 18371

Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the Warminster Old Comrades Association Branch Dinner in 1992

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SBYRW : 21449

Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white postcard of the Upton Lovell and Corton Platoon of the Home Guard during the 2nd World War. This unit met on alterative weeks at Upton Lovell Village Hall and Corton Village Hall.

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SBYRW : 45833

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Officers (front rank) and other ranks who attended a post war annual camp at Fort Gomer, Gosport from the 25th June 1948 to the 3rd July 1948. [The 1st post war camp after the unit was reformed on the 1st May 1947] Weymouth in 1948. (front row L to R) Lieutenant (QM) F W Cooper, [Later retired to Melksham, Lieutenant D R M Glasse ?C? Company, [Killed in a road traffic accident in 1948, Ex Indian Army], Lieutenant G R A Pickford ?B? Company, was the battalion second in command 1943 - 1947. He was a farmer who retired shortly after, Ex RWAFF Gold Coast Regiment], Captain Short [second in command ?A? Company, Curator Salisbury Museum, Ex Indian Army], Captain T Powell, Mortar Platoon [Auctioneer], Major C G Brain OC ?A? Company [Bank Manager Lloyd band and Ex 2nd WW Phantom member attached to the polish Army], Major A G Snell [Officer commanding ?S? Company, Battalion 2nd in command 1952 - 1953. Worked in the clothing trade], Major A S P Jeans TD, Battalion 2nd in command, a farmer who retired in 1952], Lieutenant Colonel Luce DSO, OBE,TD, [Commanding Officer 1942 - 1953 later honorary colonel, director Lavertons at Westbury], Captain A M Everett, Adjutant, retired as a major becoming a successful stockbroker, son is a famous actor], Major G B Cresick [Officer commanding ?C? Company, was a lawyer, retired 1954], Captain Brown [Medical Officer, was a GP in Warminster and was an Ex POW of the Japanese], Captain H.M. Newton-Clare MC, CBE, TD [Officer Commanding ?B? Company later as a Major, worked in the meat trade], Captain P.J. Pepler TD [Officer commanding ?B? Company, was a lawyer and retied in 1950], Captain A E G Brown CBE, TD [Carrier Platoon, he worked at Westminster Bank Brevet Colonel in 1960], Captain T R Hood [Officer commanding HQ Company, he was a lawyer retiring in 1950] Lieutenant F. Fox, retired in 1950]

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SBYRW : 47413

4th Bn, Wiltshire Home Guard ?? A black and white photograph of Captain A.S.P. Jeans (Left) being presented with a gift on the occasion of his retirement, believed about 1955.

Person(s): Jeans, A S P, Captain;

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SBYRW : 49425

5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia image of Private W.F. Jeans from Wellington Villa, Sandhurst. Missing believed killed since 13.10.1915

Person(s): Jeans, W F, Private;

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SBYRW : 51542

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A colour photograph of the scene at the officers final mess dinner in 1967 prior to the battalions disbandment.?  This shows officers who were present. [L to R] Captain T.H. Wheeler, Major A.A. P. Jeans, TD, Captain A. Rose.? 

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SBYRW : 7640

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photo of the Battalion Officers around 1928 - 2 copies, the second unmounted and slightly cut off at the bottom

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