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The side of the memorial where the Wiltshire Regiment's names begin.

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SBYRW : 10039

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - Five colour photos of a monument in Colesburg cemetery in South Africa which includes the names of nineteen members of the Battalion who died in the Boer War - the date of the photos is unknown; it is also possible that there are soldiers from the 2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment in this cemetery.

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SBYRW : 11518

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the Gravestone of Private T Jarvis at Dinapore, India, in 1933

Person(s): Jarvis, T, Private;

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SBYRW : 21491

Royal Berkshire Regiment - Black and White photograph of Private George Henry Jarvis in civilian clothes together with his wife Elizabeth and their daughter Marjorie who was born 29 September 1913. They lived at 17 Rutland Road, Reading, Berkshire.

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The grave marker itself.

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SBYRW : 21492

Machine Gun Corps - Two colour photos of the Commonwealth war grave of Private George Henry Jarvis, 97 Company, Machine Gun Corps (formerly Royal Berkshire Regiment). He died 6th July 1916, and is buried in Puchevillers British Cemetery, Somme, France Grave 1.C.20.

Person(s): Jarvis, G H, Private;

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The whole artefact

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SBYRW : 24817

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white copy of an image from a Reading Newspaper in 1915. It states that it is a unique picture of the 1st Battalion at the front but it appears to be more of a drawing. The caption reads. "A 1st Berks fortified house on a trench. Reading from Left to Right) Corporal Jarvis, Private Burls (Wounded), Captain Gordon Belcher (Berks country cricketer), (Killed) Corporal Nelhams (Wounded), Private Bridgeman (Missing)." Captain Belcher was 3rd Battalion attached to the 1st Battalion and was in 'B' Company. He was killed in action between the 15th and 17th May 1915. He is buried in the Rue-Des-Berceaux Military Cemetery, Richebourg-L?Avoue.

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SBYRW : 33354

70th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regimnent - A black and white group photograph of one of the platoons of ?A? Company at Halton RAF Camp in December 1940; the following have been identified: 2nd row from the rear ? 4th left, Private Hannes, 7th from the left, Private Les Spraggs, 8th from the left, Private Don Keen. In the 3rd row -3rd from the left is Private Allen and on the far right, Private John Duncan. In the front row from left to right are -?-, Private Dick Brooker from Reading, Corporal Bob Carter from Oxford, Lieutenant Gilliat, Sergeant Jarvis (ex-Leicestershire Regiment), L/Corporal W.J. Duncan and L/Corporal Stan Dormer from Reading.

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SBYRW : 35750

5th Berkshire (Wantage) Bn, Home Guard - A black and white digital group image of the Chadleworth Platoon of the Chaddleworth Company on the 8th September, 1940. It shows, in the rear row from left to right, Privates W. Tarrant, R. Jennings, A. Hawkins, W. I. Goatley, C. Goatley, A. J. Tarrant, R. W. Pounds and A. T. Carter; standing, again from left to right, are Privates H. A. Smith, H. Hiscock, S. I. Jennings, F. J. Smith, J. Wilder, T. Cripps, A. Fewtrell, L. Smith, G. Lane, G. Tarrant, A. Kempster, A. Smith and H. Bailey. Seated from left to right are Privates A. G. Smith, F. Breadmore, F. Tarrant, L. J. Mars and C. R. Finnis, Major Ed Bally, Rev A D Sheffield and Privates B. Brinsden, F. Jarvis and F. Rolfe; in the front are Privates J. Elliott, V. Tarrant, R. Cripps, I. Buckingham, G. Cannings and H. Roberts.

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