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SBYRW : 25564

1st/4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of Sergeant Arthur George Howes, in the trenches near Gaza in 1917. He was the Platoon Sergeant for Lieutenant Tucker who took this photograph. Sergeant Howes was born in Laverstock, Wiltshire, and enlisted at Salisbury. This photograph was taken at 4 pm on 8 November 1917; he was killed in action at 11 pm the same day. He is buried in the Dier El Belah War Cemetery.

Person(s): Howes, A G, Sergeant;

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SBYRW : 34522

4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of ?C? Company on the 8th May 1938showing, seated from left to right, L/Corporal Janatt, Corporal Turner, Corporal McGlyn, Sergeant Wilson, WO 2 Janatt, Captain H.P. Verny, Colour Sergeant Drake, Corporal Pullen, L/Corporal Chamberlase, L/Corporal Osbourne, Private Beckley, Private Glisha, L/Corporal Pepps, Corporal James, Sergeant Harding, Lieutenant H.R. Howes, 2nd Lieutenant D.Oppe, Sergeant Whys, Corporal Betteridge, L/Corporal Venables, Private Poolman, Private Gale. (Cups shown are Silver Bugle, Lloyd Lindsey, Sutton Cup, Depot Cup, Guard mounting cup and Recruits cup)

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SBYRW : 34534

4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the ?C? Company shooting team in 1938 with, standing from left to right, Lieutenant L.R. Howes, L/Corporal Mills, Private Maclean, Captain H.P. Verey, L/Corporal Williams and Sergeant Harding.. Kneeling are Colour Sergeant Drake, CSM (WO2) Jarrett, Sergeant Wilson and L/Corporal Poolman. Seated are Corporal Betteridge, Corporal Turner, L/Corporal Brooklyn and Corporal Jones.

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