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SBYRW : 12975

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A colour photo of the gravestone of Private William Thomas Herbert who was killed in action on 4th August 1917 and is buried in Brandhoeke New Military Cemetery n Belgium. The photograph was taken in summer 2004 Photographer: Mr J Chapman

Person(s): Herbert, W T, Private;

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SBYRW : 14344

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of those members of 'C' Company who were winners of the inter-platoon shield 1914. Photograph includes Lieutenant Bartley Denniss, who was wounded on the retreat from Mons, later served in the 5th (Service) Battalion Royal Berkshires but died from his injuries in 1918. He was buried in Hillingdon, London. [rear row L to R] Privates Webb, Holmes, Herbert, L/Corporal Palmer, Privates Ballard, Couldrey, Stroud. [Middle Row L to R] Privates Lanfear, Richards, Francis, Cheery, Rouse, Rothery, Hoare, Humphries, Buckett. [Front Row L to R] L/Corporal Jones, CQMS King, Captain W.K. Bayley, Lieutenant T.V. Bartley-Denniss, Sergeant Goody, Corporal Ward, Corporal Lovell. [Front] Privates Beavor, Philips.

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SBYRW : 22111

1st/4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photo, taken from Sergeant Mundy's Journal (he was still a Corporal for a few more days after this photo was taken), of the Officers and NCOs of 'B'Company who were about to embark for India in October 1914 Photographer; Lady Muriel Herbert

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SBYRW : 22625

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of the Corporals Mess on the occasion of the ?Maiwand? weekend 18th-20th July 1980 at Mercer Barracks, Osnabruck, West Germany. This photograph includes the Colonel-in-Chief, His Royal Highness Prince Phillip who was visiting the Battalion at this time. This image is named.

Person(s): Sobers,, L/Corporal; Smith29,, L/Corporal; Flay,, L/Corporal; Scott45,, L/Corporal; Annear,, Corporal; Adam,, L/Corporal; Grocock,, L/Corporal; Brown,, L/Cororal; King,, L/Corporal; Webb,, L/Corporal; East,, L/Corporal; Mills75,, L/Corporal; Wragg,, L/Corporal; Austin,, L/Corporal; Crawford,,L/Corporal; Latham,, L/Corporal; Chapman,, Corporal; Stevens,, L/Corporal; Tait,, L/Corp[oral; Rogers,, L/Corporal; Crookson,, L/Corporal; Arman,, L/Corporal; Burgess,, L/Corporal; Foy.. L/Corporal; Mellam,, L/Corporal; Reading,, Corporal; Arnold,, L/Corporal; Carpenter,, L/Corporal; Lytham,, L/Corporal; Wolfenden,, L/Corporal; Thackery,, L/Corporal; Elliot,, L/Corporal; Tuckwell,, L/Corporal; Cox,, Corporal; Haddow,, L/Corporal; Tarrant,, L./Corporal; Probets,, L/Corporal; Wardell,, L/Corporal; Hudd,, L/Corporal; Dartnall,, L/Corporal; Summer,, L/Corporal; Bridgewater,, L/Corporal; Williams,, L/Corporal; Hurley,, L/Corporal; Essery,, L/Corporal; Brown,, L/Corporal; Perkins,, L/Corporal; Hopgood,, L/Corporal; Collins,, L/Corporal; Ball,, L/Corporal; Dallison,, L/Corporal; Fisher,, L/Corporal; Sanderson,, L/Corporal; Thomas,, Corporal; Gibbs66,, L/Corporal; Hickman,, L/Corporal; Bastow,, L/Corporal; Taylor,, L/Corporal; Pethick,, L/Corporal; Roberts,, L/Corporal; Hibberd,, L/Corporal; Goodman,, L/Corporal; Driscoll,, L/Corporal; Creasey,, L/Corporal; Herbert,, Corporal; Preston,, L/Corporal; Gibbs,, Corporal; Harvey,, Corporal; Young,, Corporal; Hallett,, Corporal; Butler,, Corporal; Simms,, Corporal; Tonks,, L/Corporal; Archer,, Corporal; Hall,, Corporal; Shears,, L/Corporal; Perrott,, Corporal; Trowers,, Corporal; Fodey,, Corporal; Carter,, Corporal; Long,, L/Corporal; Butcher,, Corporal; Mallinson,, Corporal; West,, Corporal; Stanyer,, Corporal; Eley,, Corporal; Owens,, Corporal; Oland,, Corporal; Waterfall,, Corporal; Stanley,, Corporal; Hole,, Corporal; Bowers,, Corporal; Callcut,, Corporal; Shead,, Corporal; Irving,, Corporal; Smith78,, Corporal; Harris,, Corporal; Vincent,, Corporal; Thirtle,, L/Corporal; Rouse,, Corporal; Owen,, L/Corporal; Todd,, L/Corporal; Lovatt,, Corporal; Bordessa,, Corporal; Davies,, Corporal; Tiucker,, Corporal; Barber, J, Corporal; Rose,, Corporal; Phillips,, Corporal; Batty,, Corporal; Hiscock,, Corporal; McIntyre,, Corporal; Wise,, Corporal; Millard,, WO1; Roden, J R, Brigadier; Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, HRH; Coxon, G, Lieutenant Colonel; Walker, N J, Captain; Wright,, Corporal; Barnes,, Corporal; Shervington,, Corporal; Heal,, Corporal; Bromilow,, Corporal; Finnegan,, Corporal; Allen,, Corporal; Henwood,, Corporal;

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SBYRW : 25005

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of ?A? Company in Londonderry, where they were stationed from July to November 1979. This photograph is named.

Person(s): Kew,, L/Corporal; McIntyre,, Private; Clay,, Private; Pigdott,, Private; Wigley,, Private; Cook,, Private; Weaving,, Private; Hall,, L/Corporal; Parrett,, Private; Broadbent,, Private; Thrasher,, Private; Langdon,, Private; Dyer,, Private; Mallamdain,, Private; Hudd,, Private; Stone,, Private; Mellam,, Private; Bradley,, Private; Salisbury,, Private; Guy,, Private; Cable,, Private; Balmer,, Private; Jackson,, Private; Morag,, Private; Missen, Private; Dodd,, Private; Walkington,, Private; Pullman,, Private; Willcox,, Private; Hopgoog,, Private; Cowel,, Private; Kuryszko,, Private; Telfer,, Private; Burgess 31,, Private; Kordowski,, Private; Warren,, Private; Roberts,, Private; Prosser,, Private; Hutchins,, Private; Proctor,, Private; Keen,, Private; Walter,, Private; Ditchburn,, Private; Murtagh,, Private; Farley,, Private; Speck,, Private; McCauley,, Private; McLaughlan,, Private; Hewer,, Private; Summer,, Private; Maddison,, Private; Grocock,, Private; Garner,, Private; Beeby,, Private; Powell,, Private; Petherick,, Private; Baker,, Private; Stewart,, Private; Tucker,, Private; Maxwell,, Private; Watchorn,, Private; Kruse,, L/Corporal; Davey,, L/Corporal; Frith,, Craftsman; Roller,, Private; Goldsmith,, Private; Barton,, Private; Richards,, Private; Burgess 67,, Private; Worledge,, Private; Hatt,, Private; Harriss,, Private; Sutton,, Private; Minns,, Private; Hillier,, Private; Essery,, L/Corporal; Thompson,, Private; Devlin,, Private; Parker,, Private; Sobers,, L/Corporal; McIntyre,, L/Corporal; Johnson,, L/Corporal; Evans,, L/Corporal; Bawden,, L/Corporal; Shinnick,, L/Corporal; Austin,, L/Corporal; Wragg,, L/Corporal; Caves,, L/Corporal; Alden,, L/Corporal; Holmes,, L/Corporal; Ferry,, L/Corporal; Perry,, L/Corporal; Dennison,, L/Corporal; Smith,, L/Corporal; Fisher,, L/Corporal; White,, L/Corporal; Roberts,, L/Corporal; Lewis,, L/Corporal; Snee,, L/Corporal; Annear,, L/Corporal; Samson,, Sergeant; McIntryre,, Sergeant; Gardner,, Sergeant; Merhlich,, Colour Sergeant; Haugh,, 2nd Lieutenant; Franklin,, Captain; Saunders,, major; Wiggins,, WO2; Durant,, Captain; King,, 2nd Lieutenant; Carr,, 2nd Lieutenant; Morgan,, Colour Sergeant; Hiscock,, Colour Sergeant; White,, Sergeant; Dobson,, Corporal; House,, Corporal; Hedwood,, Corporal; Trappe,, Corporal; Herbert,, Corporal; Goddart,, Corporal; Mallinson,, Corporal; Shead,, Corporal; Hignett,, Corporal; Hole,, Corporal; Allen,, Corporal; Bush,, Corporal; Tait,, Corporal; Chapman,, Corporal; Lovelock,, Corporal;

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SBYRW : 34404

Berkshire Home Guard - A black and White photograph of the Leckhampstead detachment about 1941. It shows, in the rear row, from left to right, Privates A. Taylor, N. Matthews, C. Bolton, A. Rosier, D. Miles and E. Barker; in the second row again from left to right, are Privates R. Ford, V. Cannings, J. Baylis, C. Swain, F. Herbert, S. Kempster and C. Bailey; in the front row are Private K. Beckett, L/Corporal E. Deacon, Sergeant C. Greenaway, Lieutenant N.B. Crundall, Lieutenant S.W. Brown, Private A. Goddard, -?-, -?-, and, in the front are Cadets Blogg and Taylor.

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SBYRW : 35753

Newbury Company, Berkshire Home Guard - A black and white digital group image of the Welford Park Platoon at the front of Welford House. (Rear Row L to R) Privates L. Smith, S. Fisher, C. Allen, Percy Sampson, G. Sprules, H. Sprules, J. Smith, J. Shaw Jack Lookern, E. Herbert. ((middle row L to R) Privates J. Birch, F. Sprules, H. Sheppard J. Brooks, H. Brooks, H. Hunt B. Hillier, G. Martin, F. Perris, G. Gilbert. (Sat L to R) Privates J. Vockins, R. Woodley, E. Birch, Major Hublin, W. Sheppard, C . Birch, E. Haines, B. Smith. Most if not all these men would have been employed on the estate.

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SBYRW : 38231

1st/4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of a group of officers relaxing at Poona Racecourse in India in 1916. From left to right their names or initials are Lieutenant G E Tucker, Captain C K Merewether, Lieutenant Viscount Folkstone, Hon G. Herbert, GHW, CFH and GR Legs.

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SBYRW : 39167

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh escorted by the Colonel of the Regiment, Major General B A Coad CB, CBE, DSO, at Warminster on the 11th November 1955 on the occasion of the Ferozeshah Parade. Far right is Captain The Lord Herbert CVO.

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SBYRW : 39883

1st/4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the Adjutant, Captain the Honourable George Herbert, near the parade ground and Regimental Theatre at Chaubattia, India in the period 1915 ? 1917.

Person(s): Herbert, G, Captain;

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SBYRW : 42017

1st/4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of a group of officers at Race Course Camp, Poona, India, April, 1917. [Photographed by Lieutenant G E Tucker]. (L to R) Lieutenant J G Lockhart, Lieutenant W A, Brown, Sergeant James, Lieutenant (Honorable) G S Herbert, Lieutenant H W A, Elliot,

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SBYRW : 42365

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess in Cyprus in 1985. (Back Row L to R) Sergeants A Christian, M. Cox, D. Porter, I. Dean, P. Gibbs, G. Barber, C. Ward, C. Nicholson, D. Allen, J. Parks, P. Burlow, M. Davis, A. Grant, P. Harrill, K. Batty, C. Giddy. (3rd Row L to R) Sergeants F. Bones, F. O?Neill, K. Herbert, R. Povey, S. Traveller, T. Evans, C/Sergeant J. Cox, Sergeants Bodessa, A. Henwood, B. Newby, I. Tait, P. Kendrick, B. McSeveney, S. Meade. (2nd Row L to R) C/Sergeants O. Fennell, J. Le Strange, S. Scully, J. Sampson, C. Lawrence, C. Fielding, R. Percivall, B. Waring, J. Coupland, T. North, Drum Major R. Tadhunter, C/Sergeants D. Luker, J. Hole, C. Duran. (front row L to R) WO 2 J. Dobie, WO2 D. Beet, WO 2 M. Godwin, WO2 J. Long, RQMS T. Hoare BEM, WO1 W.H. Sherman, WO 1 R.G. Hicks, WO 1 (Bandmaster) R. Nother, SQMS G. Woodward, WO 2 N. Minty, WO 2 D. Morgan, WO 2 B. Hollister, WO 2 R. Merritt. [At this time the battalion was part of the UN (United Nations) deployment to the Island]

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SBYRW : 43535

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia digital photograph of the officers at the annual camp at Swanage in 1922. It shows, in the rear row frm left to right Lieutenant H M A Salt, Lieutenant B. White, Lieutenant W G B. White, Lieutenant E J, Stanford, Lieutenant W G, Lenton, Lieutenant F J A, Church, Captain G F, Filor and Lieutenant H C, Hodgson. Seated from left to right are Captain A A Taylor, Reverend Aston, Captain J N,Carson (Adjutant) Lieutenant Colonel G S, Herbert, General Radnor, Captain N J, Awdry, Captain E J M Wyld and Doctor Waylen. In the front from left to right are Lieutenant H S, Aston and Captain E O, Pound

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SBYRW : 43536

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia digital photograph of the officers at Bulford Fields, Salisbury Plain in 1925. Standing from left to right are Captain A A, Taylor, Lieutenant A T, Griffiths, Lieutenant Houghton-Brown, Lieutenant Hopkins, Captain G F, Filor, Lieutenant Lawrence, Lieutenant -?-, Lieutenant -?-, Captain F -?-, , Lieutenant Boulton and Lieutenant Stanford Seated from left to right are Reverend B. Aston, Captain N J, Awdry, Colonel Welch, Lord Radnor, Colonel Herbert, Captain George Phillip Oldfield and Captain H S Starkey; seated front left is Captain E O,Pound and right, Lieutenant H S, Aston.

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SBYRW : 43537

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia digital photograph of what is believed to be one of the Rifle Companies at one of the Annual Camps in the 1920s. The only ones named are left to right the Sergeants and Officers seated second row from the front. Seated 2nd Left are Sergeant Payne, Sergeant Taylor, CQMS Waters, Sergeant -?-, Lieutenant Stanford, Colonel Herbert, Captain G F,Filor, Captain -?-, Lieutenant Lawrence, CSM Feltham, Sergeant - ? -, Sergeant Dowding.

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SBYRW : 49054

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment ? A sepia photograph of Colonel the Hon, Sir George Herbert, Bart, TD. The Commanding officer from 1921 to 1928.

Person(s): Herbert, G, Colonel;

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SBYRW : 49529

Royal Berkshire Regiment ? A sepia group photograph of 54 Officers and men serving with a garrison Battalion of the Warwickshire Regiment in Egypt during the 1st World War. All of these soldiers had previous service in the Royal Berkshire Regiment apart from the CO and Adjutant. (Rear Row L to R) Corporal Herbert, Private Richardson, Private Lamb, Private Burrows, L/Corporal Chamberlin, L/Corporal Gomm, Private Warner, Private Colton, Private Rally, Corporal Munt, Corporal Smith, (2nd row L to R) Private Ollowell, Private Barber, Private Holliday, Private Panting, Private Picton, Private Tobin, Private Millbank, Private Reeves, Private Webb, L/Corporal Bowler, Private Compton, Private Bishop, L/Corporal Judge. (3rd Row L to R) Private Blakeman, Private White, Private Mathews, Private Miles, Private Morris, Private Clarke, Private Treadwell, Private Underwood, Private Pearton, Private Wooldridge, Private Todd, Private Beer, Private Morris, L/Corporal Adey,. (4th Row L to R) Sergeant Coles, Sergeant Jones, Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Gough, 2nd/Lieutenant H.M. Clarke, Captain and Adjutant T.M. Monk, Colonel D.W. Purdon, Captain R.D. Wigan, Lieutenant (QM) F. Goodey, 2nd Lieutenant A. Cobb, Sergeant Betteridge, Sergeant Lane. (Sitting L to R) Private Young, Private Reeves, L/Corporal Hessey, Private Collins, L/Corporal Stanners, Corporal Prince. [Most ifd not all of these soldiers would have been servingh during the Boer war and a lesser number in the Sudan Campagain]

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SBYRW : 49940

1st/4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of a group of soldiers from ?A? Company in the battalion who came from Wilton, Wiltshire. They were invited to visit Lady Beatrice Herbert at her home for tea. She herself came from Wilton. [L to R] L/Corporal G.C. Couldrey, Lieutenant Herbert, Private S. Hibbard, L/Corporal Noyce, L/Corporal Shersby, Captain Herbert, Lieutenant Morris. [Photo taken by Lady Herbert]

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