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SBYRW : 12974

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A colour photo of the gravestone of Private Bartholomew William Heath who was killed in action on 10th March 1915 and is buried in Neuve Chappelle British Cemetery in France. The photograph was taken in summer 2004 Photographer: Mr J Chapman

Person(s): Heath, B W, Private;

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SBYRW : 13173

Wiltshire Regimental Depot - A black and white photo of the Depot Athletics team who were the winners of the Salisbury Plain District Small Units Championship in 1953. Photographer; Wiltshire Gazette, Devizes (Copyright)

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SBYRW : 13728

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A black and white photo of 'D' Company marching past the French President at Compiegne in France, in 1978 to celebrate the 60th anniverary of the Armistice being signed. From left to right can be seen Private Hardiman, Lieutenant Crocker, Privates Singleton, Sherriff, Heath and Fluck and Sergeant North

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SBYRW : 16871

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photo of the Battalion Football Team who were the winners of the Punjab Bengal Army Football Association Cup in Meerut in 1908-1909; the photo, on the back of Artefact 15095, is torn from a small booklet of such photos

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SBYRW : 17140

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photo of Bandsman Heath at Mustapha Barracks, Alexandria, in Egypt in 1931

Person(s): Heath,, Bandsman;

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SBYRW : 18271

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A black and white photo of the the 1967 KAPE (Keeping the Army in the Public Eye) Team of the Battalion taken on the square in Le Marchant Barracks, Devizes, Wiltshire in September 1967. It comprised the Regimental Recruiting Team which was deployed to the Regimental Counties from Minden, West Germany from April to August (Lieutenant T M A Daly, Sergeant D R Head and L/Corporals I G Backhouse, M A Browne and T J Hoare) and a reinforcement group which deployed from Minden on 14Sep67 to join them for the KAPE tour 24Sep-07Oct. 27 Army Youth Team (Wiltshire) which was manned by DERR personnel on 2 year postings (Lieutenant R C Vaughan-Payne, Sergeant M Green, and L/Corporals Davidson, M Kerr and Nicholls) and based in Le Marchant Barracks, Devizes, was attached to the KAPE Team for the duration of the tour. Sergeant M Mortimer was the Wessex Brigade Recruiter (DERR) based in Wiltshire who also joined the KAPE Team. Front row kneeling, left to right are Private P J Cuss, Private S P Riddell, Private K A Heath, L/Corporal T J Hoare, L/Corporal M A Browne, Sergeant M Mortimer, Sergeant D R Head, Private K A Bousfield, L/Corporal M A Devonshire, Private I J Ball, Private L W Stretch Rear row standing, left to right, are Corporal D A Bailey, Corporal D O Morgan, L/Corporal J C Long, Lieutenant R C Vaughan-Payne, Lieutenant T M A Daly (OC), L/Corporal I G Backhouse, Private Starsmere Vehicles, left to right: Truck 3/4 ton GS Cargo from the Battalion FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier on loan to the RRT from the Infantry Demonstration Battalion at The School of Infantry Trucks 1/4 ton GS Cargo x2 on loan to the RRT from a Southern Command pool. Truck 3 ton GS Cargo from the Battalion Truck 1/4 ton GS Fitted For Radio from the Battalion (Note: these were all operational vehicles but had been 'bulled' and regimentally identified with badges and sign boards for KAPE purposes. The standard vehicle colour then was deep bronze green which polished well; drab olive green and then disrupted pattern camouflage was not generally adopted until the early 1970s. The trucks from the Battalion were in the normal 'exhausted' condition caused by the BAOR Cold War training programme and had ended a 2 week exercise only 5 days before starting the drive to the Channel for the crossing to England, so had required considerable tender loving care to achieve the state shown; they were also left hand drive which caused some bemusement in the towns and villages of Berkshire and Wiltshire. The DERR badges on the vehicles were made by apprentices at 27 Command Workshop REME at Warminster by copying the badge 'borrowed' from the Commanding Officer's staff car in Germany while he was on leave!

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SBYRW : 18275

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A black and white photo of the 19567 KAPE (Keeping the Army in the Public Eye) team on the square at Devizes with vehicles, under command of Captain Daly; the personnel are Private P J Cuss, Private S P Riddell, Corporal D A Bailey, Corporal D O Morgan, Private K A Heath, L/Corporal T J Hoare, L/Cprporal J C Long, Sergeant M Mortimer, Lieutenant R C Vaughan-Payne, Lieutenant T M A Daly (OC), Sergeant D R Head, L/Corporal I G Backhouse, Private K A Bousfield, L/Corporal M A Devonshire, Private I J Ball, Private Starsmere, L/Corporal M A Browne, Private L W Stretch

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SBYRW : 21759

2nd/4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white group photograph of the Sergeants Mess, believed to have been taken in England prior to the Battalion going to France in 1915 (Rear row Left to Right) Sergeants H.C. Bennett, C Ayres, A Whiting, H.J. Dean, J.E. Golding, C Love, W.J. Bendall, K.H. Eggleton (2nd row from rear) Sergeants N. Taft, G. Snow, A.G. Richards, A Lott, T.B Fryer, G.E. Watkins, L.G. Vicary, J.W. Lambourn, (3rd row) CSM A.G. Matthews, Sergeants W. Burroughs, S.C. Blay, H.C. Sheppard, J. Barrett, J. Ruddle, W.J. Smith, C.R. Morris, N.J. Stelling, L. Smith, CSM Shreeves, Sergeant W.T. Heath. (4th Row) Sergeant R. J Golder, CQMS W. Parkin, CQMS E Beasley, Sergeant Drummer J Davey, CSM J Butler, Lieutenant Colonewl M Wheeler, Major J. H. Simmonds, Quartermaster Sergeant G.G. Smith, Sergeants G. Mason, J.C. Hinton, S.R. Wright, Orderly Sergeant R.O. Bennett, (5th Row) CQMS A.H. Watkins, CSM HG.R. Hutchinson, CSM A Graham, CQMS G.S. Youde, Armourer Sergeant F. Leedale, Sergeant E Daniels, Pioneer Sergeant T.Midgeley, Sergeants W.S. Pott and J Burton

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Captain Percy Charles Heath

5 more photos available

SBYRW : 22911

66th Regiment - A collection of five photographs, one drawing and a Word Document connected with Captain Percy Charles Heath who was killed at the Battle of Maiwand in 1879. He served in the 15th Native Infantry but was seconded to act as Brigade Major to his Father-in-Law, General Burrows; because of illness he remained in Kandahar when General Burrows marched towards Maiwand and his place on General Burrows' staff was taken by Captain William McMath of the 66th Regiment. Captain Heath recovered in time to catch up the Army before the Battle in which he was killed. The five photos are one of him, one possibly of the hoof of his horse turned into an inkwell, one of him and his wife Isabella, one of his wife and the daughter Adria whom he apparently never saw and one probably of General Burrows with his grand-daughter Adria. The drawing is a cartoon by General Burrows and the set of notes are details explaining much of this written by Captain Heath's great grandson, Chris Heath, who supplied all these objects and lives in Canada.

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SBYRW : 25895

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the 1927 No 2 Platoon Football Team taken at Fyzabad, India. The team includes Sgt G Palmer, the donor of the picture.

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SBYRW : 27179

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photocopy of a photograph of Company Sergeant Major W H Heath MC sometime during the 1st World War. He was later commissioned; he came from Sunnyside, Norcot Road, Tilehurst.

Person(s): Heath, W H, WO2;

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SBYRW : 31559

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white photograph of ?B? Company who are described as ?Inhabitants of Imber 1976 -1978. At this time they were the demonstration Battalon based at Warminster. Back row (L to R ) Drummer S. Lymath, L/Corporal F. Stanley, Privates P. Bason, H. Tuckwell, P. Middleton, Drummer P. Isherwood, Private S. Crookson, Drummer P. Drever, Private G. Prosser, L/Corporal M. Lohan, Drummer M. Bridgewater, Drummer G. Hudson, Private B. Singleton, L/Corporal E. Jones, Private N. Sanderson, Drummer J. Callcut, Private T. Gibbard, Private J. Taylor, Private E. Ledgister, Private A. Webb, L/Corporal P Underhill. (3rd row L to R) Privates G. Gray, N. Wardall, K. Foy, L/Corporal R. Leighton, Drummer G. Poole, Private C. Moyes, Private P. Hume, L/Corporal A. Fisher, Private D. Dyer, Drummer S. Jones, Drummer B. Setchfield, Private J. King, L/Corporal D. South, Private D. McFarlane, Drummer G. Smith, Private R. McLellan, L/Corporal G. Irving, Drummer G. Margison, Private J. Lawson, Private D. Hopley, Drummer K. Smith. (2nd Row L to R) L/Corporal J. Callcut, Drummer S. Antoni, Private D. Trickey, Drummer M. Woolford, Private J. Lewis, Private C. Hill, Private L. Bishop, Private J. Goodwin, Drummer B. Thirtle, Private J. Crawford, Private K. Bancroft, L/Corporal J. Madin, Drummer P. Cook, L/Corporal G. Nochol, Private D. Sprenger, Private S. Goodman, Drummer S. Preston, Drummer P. Tollafield, Drummer S. Peake, Private A. Traveller, Private L. Keel. (front row L to R) Drummer G. Mahon, Drummer G. Heatherwick, Corporal M. Taundry, Corporal R. Tadhunter, Corporal C. Nicholson, Corporal T. Poffley, Sergeant E,. Griffin, Lieutenant D.M. Irving, Captain M.G.A. Barratt, Major T.M.A. Daly, WO2 (CSM) J. Venus, 2nd/Lieutenant P.C. Tomlinson, C/Sergeant D. Fielding, Sergeant R. Jones, Corporal M. Bourne, Corporal B. Stanley, Corporal S. Traveller, Corporal M. Davies, L/Corporal J. Rose.

Person(s): McFarlane, D, Mr; Laymath,S, Drummer,; Stanley, F, L/Corporal; Bason, P, Private; Tuckwell, H, Private; Middleton, P, Private; Isherwood, P, Drummer; Crookson, S, Private; Drever, P, Drummer; Prosser, G, Private; Lohan, M, L/Corporal; Bridgewater, M, Drummer; Hudson, G, Drummer; Singleton, B, Private; Jones, E, L/Corporal; Sanderson, N, Private; Callcut, J, Drummer; Gibbard, T, Private; Taylor, J, Private; Ledgister, E, Private; Webb, A, Private; Underhill, P, L/Corporal; Gray, G, Private; Wardall, N, Private; Foy, K, Private; Leighton, R, L/Corporal; Poole, G, Drummer; Moyes, C, Private; Hume, P, Private; Fisher, A, L/Corporal; Dyer, D, Private; Jones, S, Drummer; Setchfield, B, Drummer; King, J, Private; South, D, L/Corporal; McFarlane, D, Private; Smith, G, Drummer; McKellan, R, Private; Irving, G, L/Corporal; Margison, G, Drummer; Lawson, J, Private; Hopley, D, Private; Smith, K, Drummer; Callcutt, J, L/Corporal; Antoni, S, Drummer; Trickey, D, Private; Woolford, M, Drummer; Lewis, J, Private; Hill, C, Private; Bishop, L, Private; Goodwin, J, Private; Thirtle, B, Drummer; Crawford, J, Private; Bancroft, K, Private; Madin, J, L/Corporal; Cook, P, Drummer; Nichol, G, L/Corporal; Sprenger, D, Private; Goodman, S, Private; Preston, S, Drummer; Tollafield, P, Drummer; Peake, S, Drummer; Traveller, A, Private; Keel, L, Private; Mahon, G, Drummer; Heatherwick, G, Drummer; Taundry, M, Corporal; Tadhunter, R, Corporal; Nicholson, C, Corporal; Poffley, T, Corporal; Griffin, E, Sergeant; Irving, D M, Lieutenant; Barratt, M G A, Captain; Daly, T M A, Major; Venus, J, WO 2; Tomlinson P C, 2nd/Lieutenant; Fielding, D, C/Sergeant; Jones, R, Sergeant; Bourne, M, Corporal; Stanley, B, Corporal; Traveller, S, Corporal; Davies, M, Corporal; Rose, J, L/Corporal;

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SBYRW : 32023

2nd Bn, Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment - A colour photograph of Private Lisa Heath in 1994 during a training exercise in Norfolk.

Person(s): Heath, L, Private;

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SBYRW : 33322

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of ?A? Company in India believed to have been taken about 1906. It shows, in the top row from left to right, Privates Spooner, Waring, Purdue, Sadler, Townsend, L/Corporal Bellinger, L/Corporal Willoughby, L/Corporal Bradley, Privates Smith, Haunts, Sturgess, Ridge, Stilton, Richardson and Roshier. In the 2nd Row from left to right are Privates Skinner, New, Chandler, Abbott, Trinder, Whatling, Gurney, Gilbert, Morton, Wallis, Morse, Poynter, Molloy, Pratley and L/Corporal Garside. In the 3rd Row from left to right are Private Barnes, L/Corporal Carpenter, Privates Baker, Beasley, Butler, Bristowe, L/Corporal Pearce, L/Corporal Mills, Privates Gilding, Horne, Goddard, Heath, Gee, Hines, Hill and Dobson. In the 4th row from left to right are Privates Dewe, Axton, Arnold, Bowsher, Bowler, Colhoun, White, Holdway, Garrett, L/Corporal Chandler, Privates Lawrence, Bolton, Mills, Lawrence, Lockley, Matthews, Parker and Vicars. In the 5th row from left to right are Privates Robson, Hasmmond, Terry, L/Corporal Woodland, Corporal Tibbles, L/Sergeant Harrowing, Segeant Grey, Colour Sergeant Markham, Lieutenant J. Duberly, Major F.W. Foley DSO, 2nd Lieutenant J.R. Robertson, Sergeant Bloomfield, Sergeant Biggs, L/Sergeant Parker, Corporal Meades, Privates Sedgley, Haynes and Newman. In the front row are Privates Whiting, Perkins, Shave, Drummer McGlinchey, Drummer Greenwood, Boy Shea, Privates Ellis, O?Halloran and Reeves.

Person(s): Spooner, , Private; Waring, , Private; Purdue, , Private; Sadler, , Private; Townsend, , Private; Bellinger, , L/Corporal; Willoughby, , L/Corporal; Bradley, , L/Corporal; Smith, , Private; Haunts, , Private; Sturgess, , Private; Ridge, , Private; Stilton, , Private; Richardson, , Private; Roshier, , Private; Skinner, , Private; New, , Private; Chandler, , Private; Abbott, , Private; Trinder, , Private; Whatling, , Private; Gurney, , Private; Gilbert, , Private; Morton, , Private; Wallis, , Private; Morse, , Private; Poynter, , Private; Molloy, , Private; Pratley, , Private; Garside, , L/Corporal; Barnes, , Private; Carpenter, , L/Corporal; Baker, , Private; Beasley, , Private; Butler, , Private; Bristowe, , Private; Pearce, , L/Corporal; Mills, , L/Corporal; Gilding, , Private; Horne, , Private; Goddard, , Private; Heath, , Private; Gee, , Private; Hines, , Private; Hill, , Private; Dobson, , Private; Dewe, , Private; Axton, , Private; Arnold, , Private; Bowsher, , Private; Bowler, , Private; Colhoun, , Private; White, , Private; Holdway, , Private; Garrett, , Private; Chandler, , L/Corporal; Lawrence, , Private; Bolton, , Private; Mills, , Private; Lockley, , Private; Matthews, , Private; Parker, , Private; Vicars, , Private; Robson, , Private; Hammond, , Private; Terry, , Private; Woodland, , L/Corporal; Tibbles, , Corporal; Harrowing, , L/Sergeant; Grey, , Sergeant; Markham, , Colour Sergeant; Duberly, J, Lieutenant; Foley, F W , Major; Robertson, J R, 2nd Lieutenant; Bloomfield, , Sergeant; Biggs, , Sergeant; Parker, , L/Sergeant; Meades, , Corporal; Sedgley, , Private; Haynes, , Private; Newman, , Private; Whiting, , Private; Perkins, , Private; Shave, , Private; McGlinchey, , Drummer; Greenwood, , Drummer; Shea, , Boy; Ellis, , Private; O'Halloran, , Private; Reeves, , Private;

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SBYRW : 33323

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Hopton Cup team in India believed to have been taken about 1907. It shows, in the rear row from left to right L/Corporal Gibbons, L/Corporal Doe, Private Maybury, Corporal Bowlerand Private Rose. \in the middle row from left to right are L/Corporal Venn, L/Corporal Dewe, Private Stannard, Corporal Laing, Private Ashard, Drummer White, L/Corporal Gibson and L/Corporal Osgood. In the front row from left to right are L/Corporal Higgins, L/Corporal Heath, Sergeant Hancock, Lieutenant C.L. Waters, L/Corporal Shilton, Private Townsend and L/Corporal Thompset.

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