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The teams in a very relaxed mood.

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SBYRW : 24513

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - Three black and white photos of the team provided by the members of the Battalion and the equivalent team from the 4th United States Marines who took part in a Revolver shooting match in Shanghai in 1929 - the Americans, who has to instruct the British on how to use the revolvers in question, won by 200 points. (Standing L to R) L/Corporal Bourne, Sergeant Milsom, -?-, Lieutenant Woodhouse, -?-, RQMS Holloway MM, CSM Gunstone MM, CSM White. (SDat L to R) Lieutenant Ledward (USMC), Major Hooper, Major Parsons (USMC), Lieutenant Colonel Barker OBE, Lieutenant Snow (USMC), Captain Watson, Lieutenant Bithell (USMC).

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SBYRW : 36633

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia group photograph of the Officers and Sergeants cricket teams, in August 1928 in India. (Rear row L to R) Sergeant Martin, Sergeant Lintern, 2nd/Lieutenant Wrigley, CSM Flanner, 2nd/Lieutenant Coad, CSM Gunstone, Lieutenant Wilkinson. (Centre row L to R) Sergeant Arthur, Sergeant Muskett, Captain Betts, L/Sergeant Murrant, Captain Watson, Captain Beaven, Captain James, CSM White, (Sat L to R) RQMS Miller, Major Culver, RSM Newton, Lieutenant Colonel Barker, Bandmaster Eatson, Major Segreave, CSM Wilkins. (Sat front centre) Band Sergeant Bull.

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SBYRW : 36651

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia group photograph of the officers and Sergeants who took part in an inter mess cricket competition in Shanghai, China in 1929. The officers won by 111 runs. It shows, standing left to right Captain James, Sergeant Lintern, CQMS Scudimore, Lieutenant Wilkinson, Captain Prest, Sergeant Jacobs, Captain Betts, Lieutenant Grove, Captain Braden, Sergeant Croman, Sergeant Wraight, Lieutenant Ashley, Sergeant Bye, 2nd Lieutenant Wrigley, CQMS Campbell, CQMS Arthur and, seated, Major Hooper, CSM Flanner, Major Culver, Bandmaster Eatern, CSM Gunstone, CSM Muskett and Captain M K Watson. Seated in the front are Sergeant Milson and Sergeant Poole.

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