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SBYRW : 13703

66th Regiment - A sepia photo of some of the Officers somewhere in India around 1872 with the old colours - 2 copies

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SBYRW : 28672

66th Regiment - A sepia photograph of the officers and Colours of the 66th taken in 1879. This is the only known photograph of the Regiment?s Colours that were lost the following year in the battle of Maiwand. Officers identified are rear row (Left to Right) Captain Cullen, -?-, Captain McMath, Lieutenant Pigott, -?-, (Colours), Lieutenant Beresford-Pierce, Lieutenant Stevenson, Lieutenant Roberts, Captain Oliver, 2nd Row, Paymaster Bryon, Lieutenant Colonel Galbraith, Captain Stewart, Captain Saunders, Lieutenant Price. 3rd row sat Captain Wood, Captain Garratt, Captain Murphy, Captain Soady, Lieutenant Jones (QM), Major Hogge, Captain Ready, Callaghan, -?-. Front row sat (between 1st & 2nd row) Lieutenant Smallpiece Lieutenant Hassard, Lieutenant Barclay, -?-, -?-, -?-, -? - , Captain Harris, -?-, -?-, -?-.

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SBYRW : 28673

66th Regiment - A sepia photograph of the officers of the Regiment pictured here with the tattered old Colours of the 66th at Kurrachee, in the Sind District, India, 1872. This was on the occasion of the presentation of new Colours. (Rear row, 1st left), Lieutenant Augustus Callaghan, (3rd Left) Sergeant Major -?-, (6th left) Lieutenant Manners Wood, (far right), Captain John Healy. Bottom row (left) Quartermaster Thomas Gilby, (3rd left) Captain Ernest Stephen Garratt, (Centre) Lieutenant Colonel George Watson, Lieutenant R. Stevenson, Captain Arthur Wellman, Captain Valentine Oliver, and standing (right) Lieutenant F.Cullen.

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SBYRW : 41721

1st/4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia group photograph of the Sergeants in Delhi, India in 1915. It shows, in the rear row, from left to right, Sergeants Whatley, Huntley, Fluck, Holbrook, Stafford, Simmons and Waters. In the 2nd row, from left to right, are Sergeants Henley, Bowles, Hopkins, Card, Powney, Fetham, Blake, Garrett, Howe, Stoppard, Opie, Randell, Jones, Bretlain and Marsh. In the 3rd row, agan left to right,, are Sergeants Raine, Munday, Whittaker, Green, Graway, Chard, Leppard, Lenton, Holland, Wallis, Paget, Smith, Burns, Feltham, Grainger, Bailey and Kimber. The 4th row has Sergeant Rowes, Notley,Ellwood and Liddiard, Major Armstrong, Colonel Radnor, Captain (Adjutant) Bond, Sergeants Slick, Thorne, Hare and Thomas.. In the front are Sergeants Cooper, Bryant, Day, Humphries, Stowe, Randell, Drewitt, Walker, Sprag and Hoad. [Note the names are from the notes made by Sergeant Notley in the album, some of the names may have been misspelt]. Sergeant Munday later won the Distinguished Conduct Medal in Palestine in 1917 and Major Armstrong was killed in action whilst in command of the Battalion.

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SBYRW : 47346

49th Regiment - A photocopy of five silhouettes of officers who were serving in Canada in the early 1800s. (Top Left) Ensign Browne, (Top Right) Ensign D. Ellis, (Centre, not clear), Bottom Left Lieutenant Whitewick, (Bottom right) Ensign Garratt.

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SBYRW : 9007

66th Regiment - A sepia portrait photo of Lieutenant Colonel A R Garratt in 1867

Person(s): Garratt, A R;

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SBYRW : 9267

66th Regiment - A sepia portrait photo of Ensign E S Garratt in civilian clothes in 1867; he was later killed at the Battle of Maiwand on 27 July 1880 Photographer; J N O Hawke, 53 Union Street, Stonehouse, Devon

Person(s): Garratt, E S, Captain;

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