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SBYRW : 17145

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photo of Bandsman Fuller at Mustapha Barracks, Alexandria, in Egypt in 1931

Person(s): Fuller,, Bandsman;

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SBYRW : 21043

1st Bn, Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of 6 Platoon B Company taken on 27th April 1994 in Alma Barracks, Catterick, Yorkshire. The photograph was taken shortly after the amalgamation of the Gloucestershire Regiment (28th/61st) and the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (49th, 62nd, 66th & 99th)

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SBYRW : 37693

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the winner?s of the combined services sports held at Tanglin Barracks, Singapore in July 1934. In the rear row are Privates Cowley, Stanley, Morgan, L/Corporal Wheller, Privates Holder Hawkins, Hall, Sergeant Morris, Corporal Clifford, L/Corporal Nutland, Private Fullerton, L/Corporal Fordham, Privates Thompson, Wilkins, L/Corporal Nicholson, Privates Baker, Taylor and Sampson. Seated from left to right are Privates Ward, Long, Truman, Porter, CSM (WO2) Mack MM,, Major R. Evelyn-Smith, Lieutenant Colonel J.H.M. Mee, Captain J.P. Oldfield, Lieutenant N.E.C. Kenrick, Privates Best, Curtis, Lee and L/Corporal Channon. The Battalion came first with 104 points followed by the Royal Artillery on 94 points and the 2/20 Burma Rifles on 74 points. [The Battalion were the winners of the Inter unit cup presented by the Middlesex Regiment and the inter unit cup presented by the Singapore Volunteer Corps for the highest total in the track events]

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SBYRW : 38973

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Battalion rugby team that played in Krefeld, Germany in 1949 - 1950. It includes, standing left to right, Sergeant Roberts (RAEC), Lieutenant R T Welsh, 2nd Lieutenant J M Hartland, L/Corporal Hallam, 2nd Lieutenant J C Armstrong, 2nd Lieutenant J Loe, Corporal Fuller, Private Colston, Private Ganley and Private Whitehead. Seated are Lieutenant R W Reynolds, Lieuteant T A Gibson, Major T J Dutton (Referee) , Captain J R Roden (Captain), Lieutenant Colonel N E C Kenrick DSO (Commanding Officer), Lieutenant A E Carter and 2nd Lieutenant D W Fladgate. [Games won - 77 - Games Lost 7 - Points for 300 - points against 75]

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SBYRW : 38974

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Battalion seven a side rugby team which played in Krefeld, Germany in 1949 - 1950. Standing left to right are Private Colston (Scrum Half), Corporal Fuller (forward), 2nd Lieutenant J Armstrong (Forward) and 2nd Lieutenant J M Hartland (Three Quarter). Seated are Lieutenant K W Reynolds (Three Quarter), Lieutenant A E Carter (forward), Captain J R Roden (Captain and Forward) and Lieutenant R T E Welsh (Stand off).

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SBYRW : 41042

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia digital image of some of ?B? Company before crossing the Chindwin, November 1944. Among those pictured are Lieutenant Ridley, Sergeants Heywood, and Barrett, Corporals Stowe and Barratt, L/Corporals Horton, Brown, Heath, Sion and Dodd and Privates Murray, Biggington, Baker, Bunn, Elwell, Dodd, Moore, Lacey, Fuller, Thompson, Stewart, Armsby, Rainsford, Allright, Legett and Birch. [We do not know the exact location within the image of each soldier]

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SBYRW : 49028

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the battalion athletic team, 1949. They were the winners of the 4th Infantry Brigade Athletic meeting held in Dusseldorf, Germany. [Back Row L to R] Privates Fish, Cowley, Brimblecombe, Corporal Deadman, Corporal Adams, L/Corporal Hallam, Corporal Slark, Private Jackson, Private Evans. [Centre Row L to R] S.I. Robinson [APTC], Sergeant Workman, Private Valentine, Private Onslow, Private Curry, Sergeant Frisker, L/Corporal Fuller, Private McQuade, Private McKecknie, Corporal Fremantle, Herr Mark [German Coach] [Front Row L to R] Private LeQuelenec, RSM Harrowing, 2nd/Lieutenant P. Gordon, Lieutenant G.T. Graham (Team Captain), Lieutenant Colonel N E C, Kendrick DSO, Lieutenant A.E, Carter. 2nd / Lieutenant Cantle, 2nd/Lieutenant Yiend, Sergeant Warner.

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SBYRW : 49557

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment ? A sepia group photograph of the Battalion Tailors, Pioneers and Shoe makers at Royal Barracks, Dublin, 1921. (Rear Row L to R) Boy Stephens, Boy Bryant, Private Wearn, Private Turner, Private Gilmotts, Boy Edwards, (Middle Row L to R) Private Fuller, Private Powell, Private Clist, Private De Ath, Private Howard, Private Broquet, Private Ware. (Front L to R) L/Corporal Pears, L/Corporal Goulding, Sergeant Sweeney, Lieutenant [Quartermaster] Denley, RQMS Keep, Sergeant Fitch, Sergeant Saunders, L/Corporal Richards.

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SBYRW : 50854

Wiltshire Regiment Depot - A black and white photograph  of old soldiers and onlookers during the  of The Duke of Edinburgh on a visit to Depot, Le Marchant Barracks, Devizes, 1956. [Left] Mrs Morris, widow of CSM Morris, with her daughter Mrs C. Howden, Mr William Fuller [92] the oldest , the old comrade on parade with the matron of the home where he was billeted. 

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SBYRW : 50860

Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of an old soldier in 1956, Mr C.F. Fuller.  He originally enlisted in 1885 He served in India and South Africa.

Person(s): Fuller, C F, Mr;

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SBYRW : 9278

4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the Sergeants at Wrotham when the Battalion was acting as a Pre-OCTU training establishment; the photo was taken on the occasionof a visit by the Colonel of the Regiment, Major General R J Collins, on Tofrek Day on the 22nd March 1945 Photographer; Gale and Polden, Aldershot - 3 copies

Person(s): Davidson, W, L/Sergeant; Brown, H, L/Sergeant; Horscroft, H, L/Sergeant; Tomkins, W, L/Sergeant; Robinson, D, L/Sergeant; Byrne, W, L/Sergeant; Mooring, F, L/Sergeant; Holmes, F, L/Sergeant; Brooks, A, L/Sergeant; Townley, R, L/Sergeant; Saunders, D, L/Sergeant; Smith, W, L/Sergeant; Rolls, J, L/Sergeant; Eason, L, L/Sergeant; Delo, W, Sergeant; Townsend, L, Sergeant; Hooper, T, L/Sergeant; Constable, A, Sergeant; Stratton, J, Sergeant; Godbold, F, L/Sergeant; Gardner, G, Sergeant; Law, F, L/Sergeant; Reed, N, L/Sergeant; Southern, F, L/Sergeant; Harrison, C, Sergeant; Brown, J, Sergeant; Hutson, E, L/Sergeant; Newman, R, L/Sergeant; Noble, s, L/Sergeant; Main, C, Sergeant; Moody, T, Sergeant; Smith, H, Sergeant; Edwards, H, Sergeant; McCormack, R, L/Sergeant; Nibbs, T, Sergeant; Beddard, S, L/Sergeant; Fuller, A, L/Sergeant; Grieve, W, L/Sergeant; Gold, L, L/Sergeant; Newland, R, Sergeant; Chatfield, F, Sergeant; Hattey, L, Sergeant; Chandler, C, L/Sergeant; Stokes, J, Sergeant; Todd, R, L/Sergeant; Stanley, A, L/Sergeant; Smith, R, Sergeant; Richardson, J, L/Sergeant; Fallowfield, A, L/Sergeant; Smith, A, L/Sergeant; Whymark, C, Sergeant; Hunter, W, Sergeant; McCorkindale, J, Sergeant; Bircham, W, L/Sergeant; Jackson, H, L/Sergeant; Maund, T, Sergeant; Clifton, E, Sergeant; Giles, E, Sergeant; Lawes, S, Sergeant; Hill, G, L/Sergeant; Webb, R, L/Sergeant; Groom, R, L/Sergeant; Ludwig, G, Sergeant; Mitchell, C, L/Sergeant; Reynolds, C, Sergeant; Smithers, M, Sergeant; Ellis, G, L/Sergeant; Green, C, Sergeant; Ricot, E, Sergeant; Braidwood, L, L/Sergeant; Salzman, A, Sergeant; Probert, F, L/Sergeant; Trigg, G, L/Sergeant; Hall, E, Sergeant; Bryant, W, L/Sergeant; Jackson, N, L/Sergeant; Hall, R, Sergeant; Phillips, T, L/Sergeant; Dennison, R, L/Sergeant; Rothwell, J, L/Sergeant; Halestrap, W, L/Sergeant; Millgate, R, L/Sergeant; Fox, V, Sergeant; Choules, W, L/Sergeant; Jones, P, L/Sergeant; Barnett, G, L/Sergeant; Holland, G, Sergeant; Willmott, G, L/Sergeant; Shellard, R, Sergeant; Stokes, S, Sergeant; Barnes,, L/Sergeant; Baugh, L, Sergeant; Selfe, N, L/Sergeant; Hilton, E, Sergeant; Stallwood, Segeant W; Child, W, Colour Sergeant; Mounteney, S, Colour Sergeant; Turner, S, Colour Sergeant; Alcott, E, WO2; Kirby, E, WO2; Foster, Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant,; Taylor, F E A, Lieutenant Colonel; Collins, R J, General; Pullen, G, WO1; Etchells, J, WO1; Green, H, WO2; Shorrock, T, Staff Sergeant; Horn, J, Colour Sergeant; Lawson, L, Colour Sergeant; Freeman, H, Sergeant; Boughey, W, Sergeant;

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SBYRW : 9711

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A colour photo of the grave marker for Private Francis Frank Fuller who died on the 11th March 1944 and is buried at Rangoon War Cemetery in Burma - the date of the photo is not known

Person(s): Fuller, F F, Private;

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