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SBYRW : 11790

49th Regiment - A sepia group image of the officers in Ireland 1864/5. [This image was taken at the same place as 6889] The sitters in the image are listed in pencil on the edge of the photo and numbered. We believe the numbering was done in the late 1890s. [Standing L to R] [1] Sergeant Major Parr. [2] Captain√?¬† Graham Taylor. [3] Captain William Young. [4] Lieutenant McCullan. [5] Lieutenant Robert Oliver Aldworth. [6] Ensign Henry Board Williams. [7] Captain Thomas Cowper Hincks.[8]√?¬† Captain√?¬† Edward J. Cresswell. [9] Captain William John Gillespie. [10] Lieutenant Edgar Londsale. [11] Quartermaster Kerridge, [12] Captain William Madden. [13]√?¬† Ensign√?¬† Phillip Alfred West. [14] Lieutenant and Adjutant Edward Mackay. [15] Not named [Sat L to R] [16] Captain√?¬† William Watts Corban. [17] Surgeon Major Saunders. [18] Paymaster√?¬† Henry Seymour Michelle [19] Major√?¬† Fanshaw William Gostling. [20] Colonel Cadwallader√?¬† Adams, [21]Major√?¬† Thomas Priauix St George Armstrong. [22] Captain√?¬† John Hopkins. [23] Ensign√?¬† John Arthbutnot. [24] Lieutenant John Issac√?¬† Nason. [25] Ensign Charles Pitcher Temple.√?¬† [26] Ensign√?¬† Edwin Glass Fern. [27] Ensign Smith Thomas Sidney [Sinclair]. [28] Lieutenant√?¬† George Shirley. [29] Ensign√?¬† George Charles Cockburn. [30] Ensign Carey [No Trace - could be a lord]. [31] Ensign√?¬† Charles Barter Bogue.

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SBYRW : 13624

1st Bn, Wessex Regiment - A colour photo of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants at Annual Camp in 1979 in Cultybraggan in Mess Dress or Dinner Jackets

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SBYRW : 15715

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A black and white photo of Colour Sergeant Ollie Fennel but the date and place are unknown

Person(s): Fennel, Colour O;

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SBYRW : 16122

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A black and white photo of Camp Brandywine in Northern Ireland in 1986 at Ballywinder in Northern Ireland; on the left in the back row is "Ollie" Fennel who later became the Chairman of the Swindon Branch of the Regimental Assocaition - 2 copies

Person(s): Fennell, O;

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SBYRW : 16705

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - Berlin 1971-1973 A black and white photo of L/Corporal TUCKER (On the left) and L/Corporal 'Ollie' FENNELL on a viewing platform over looking the East German Border in Berlin. L/Corporal FENNELL is displaying, on his left sleeve, the signals trade badge.

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SBYRW : 18345

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photo of 'B' Company's Shooting Team with the trophies they had won in 1960

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SBYRW : 18346

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photo of 'B' Company Team at the Battalion Rifle Meeting in 1961 with the trophies they have won

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SBYRW : 18349

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photo of some members of 'B' Company, probably at Annual Camp at St Martin's Plain, Folkestone in Kent in 1961

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SBYRW : 18351

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photo of some mebers of 'B' Company at Stourhead Gardens in 1964 on a Company weekend camp; it is not totally clear what they are doing.

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SBYRW : 25548

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white photograph showing soldiers of the Signal platoon in Ballykinler in Northern Ireland in 1973. Centre with the clipboard is L/Corporal ?Olly? Fennell.

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SBYRW : 26836

4th/6th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of a ?BAT? anti tank gun team relaxing during exercise ?Autumn Crocus? in France in 1961. Second from the left is Private Fenney who later joined the Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment s a regular soldier.

Person(s): Fenney,, Private;

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SBYRW : 33312

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of ?F? Company in Ireland in July 1907. It shows, in the top row from left to right, Privates Halfacre, Pash, Iisley, Parris, Slade, Newman, Wheeler, Berryman, Snell, Vokes, Jeffrie and Pearce, in the 5th row, Privates Fennell, Moss, Chambers, Angell, Warwick, Spiers, Shayler, Hewitt, Price, and Tebby,.in the 4th Row, L/Corporal Dollery, Privates Godding and King, L/Corporal Dean, Private Somerville, L/Corporal Chandler, Privates Cooling, Cox, Tigwell, Hopkins, Andrews and Luker with, in the 3rd row, Corporal Bradish, Privates Stapley, Goodall, Shorter, Timms, Simpson, Ingram, Sheppard, Buckle, Martin, Smith, Heifnam and Burton, in the 2nd row, Drummer Passmore, Drummer Collyer, L/Corporal Crombleholme, Corporal Wise, Sergeant Addicott, Sergeant Woodley, Sergeant Woolridge, Colour Sergeant Field, Captain A.S. Turner, 2nd Lieutenant P.N. Garnett, Sergeant Thame, L/Sergeant Ryan, L/Corporal Miles, Private Dovey, Drummer Green and Drummer Berry and, finally, in the bottom row from left to right, Privates Tubb, Woolmer, Taylor, Clements, L/Corporal Goodall, Drummer Dunstan, L/Corporal Allington, Privates Burchall and Keen.

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SBYRW : 34307

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white photograph of Colour Sergeant ?Olly? Fennell at Aldergrove, Northern Ireland in 1987.

Person(s): Fennell, , C/Sergeant;

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SBYRW : 34546

4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the ?Key Parties? for ?C? and ?D? Companies at the drill hall at Maidenhead, 25th August ? 3rd September 1939. These soldiers were the main players for the two companies prior to the formal mobilization order that came on the Declaration of the 2nd World War (11.00 am on Sunday 3rd September 1939). The early work carried out by this group meant that the mobilisation of the 4th Battalion went smoothly. It shows, in the rear row from left to right, Privates Bavan (Orderly), Hopper (Telephone operator), Drake (Clerk), Fisher (Storeman), Townshend (Telephone operator), Weller (Orderly), Fenn (Storeman), Godfrey (Telephone Operator), West (Clerk) and King (Telephone operator). (Seated, fro left to right, are A/CQMS Battridge, CSM (WO2) Jarratt, Sergeant (PSI) Nutt, Lieutenant B.C.D. Eastwick, Major H.P. Verey (OC ?C? Company), Captain W.P. Serocold (OC ?D? Coy), 2nd Lieutenant H.W. Earthnow, Sergeant (PSI)Wilson, Colour Sergeant Chivers and CQMS Harding.

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SBYRW : 35281

Royal Wiltshire Territorials - A black and white digital image of the winning team at the T & AVR Rifle meeting at Sneedhams Green, Gloucestershire on the 17th September in 1967 showing, from left to right standing, WO2 Fenner, Major C W R Stone (Team Captain), Private Smith, L/Corporal Starling and Private Rideout. and, kneeling, from left to right, L/Corporal Hurd, Lieutenant Simpson, Sergeant Bryant and L/Sergeant Rodwell.

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SBYRW : 36453

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of Warrant Officers and Sergeants in Dublin in 1921. It shows in the rear row from left to right, Sergeant Sanders, Sergeant Drewitt, Sergeant Bradshaw, L/Sergeant Foakes, Sergeant Walker, Sergeant Hayter, Sergeant Preece, L/Sergeant Tippett, Sergeant Saunders, Sergeant Tovey and Sergeant Colborne. In the 2nd row are Sergeants Giles, Archard, Harris, Gale, Elliot, Yeatts, Bucknell, Collier, White, Sweeney and Wilson. In the 3rd row are Sergeant Drummer Mead, Sergeant Webb, Sergeant Liddard, CQMS Seton, CQMS Fennell, Sergeant Wayman, Sergeant Fitch, Sergeant Verge, Sergeant Jefferies MM, Sergeant Bathe, CQMS Fortune and CQMS Brain. Seated at the front are Armourer S/Sergeant Woolaston, RQMS Keep, CSM Baish, CSM Waite MC, DCM, RSM Parker, Lieutenant R.F.J. Hayward VC, MC, Colonel Commandant R.D.F. Oldman CMG, DSO, Major E.L. Makin DSO, Bandmaster Collier, CSM Weston, CSM Wilkins, CSM Penny and QMS (Orderly room Sergeant) Gray.

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SBYRW : 38016

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white digital image of four members of the Mortar Platoon in Northern Ireland in 1971 showing. from left to right, Private Peter Maynard, Private Graham Whitely, Private Leonard Taylor, and Private Paul Fennell.

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