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SBYRW : 21899

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photocopy of a photograph of the Machine Gun section at Jhansi in India in June 1913. Standing Left to Right are Privates Hignell, Boshier, Odey, Fawcett, Pocock, Dean. (Sitting Left to Right) Privates Cooling, Saunders, Baigent, Sergeant Hancock, Lieutenant Nugent, L/Corporal Vaughan, Privates Haynes, Bailey, Wheeler. All Infantry battalions, prior to the 1st World War, were equipped with two machine guns. After the outbreak of war in 1914, when the full enormity of the threat became apparent, the machine gun capability was substantially increased, leading to the formation of the Machine Gun Corps, with many of the Battalion?s machine gunners transferring into that unit.

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SBYRW : 47208

8th Bn, Wiltshire Home Guard - A black and white group photograph of the officers of the battalion taken shortly after formation in 1940. (With overlay indicating the officers names and location in the photo) (Rear row standing L to R) Lieutenant F.J. Moore (Bn HQ), Cataian W. T. Goodwin (?C? Coy), Lieutenant Goodfellow (?A? Coy), Lieutenant T.H. Locker (?C? Coy), Lieutenant S.C. Ingram (?C? Coy), Lieutenant Stock, (?A? Coy), Lieutenant L.A. Sly, (?C? Coy), Major Pomeroy (Post Office), Lieutenant R.J.C. Mansell (Bn HQ), Lieutenant Bevis (?B? Coy), Lieutenant J. Hart, (?B? Coy), Lieutenant Darvill, (?B? Coy), Captain McWilliam, (?A? Coy), Lieutenant Lywood, (Bn HQ), Lieutenant Smith, (?A? Coy), Lieutenant H.G. Sainsbury (Bn HQ), Lieutenant W. Foster (?C? Coy), Lieutenant Deacon, (Electric Light Company Platoon), Lieutenant Belbin, )(?A? Coy), Lieutenant Nicholls, (?A? Coy). (Sat L to R) Major G .S. Fawcett (?A? Coy), Major C.B. Gibbs, (?C? Coy, Captain W.H.R. Blacking (Adjutant), Lieutenant Colonel Freeth (CO), Major Sir H. de C. Martelli, (Second in Command), Major F.W. Van der Kiste (HQ Coy), Lieutenant H.C. Egerton, (R.A.F.O./S Det), Lieutenant F. Crabbe (Wilts and Dorset Platoon), Major S. Collett (?B? Coy). [ Lieutenant Foster subsequently transferred to the 7th Battalion taking command of the Whaddon platoon. At practice of throwing live Mills Grenades an accident occurred when he sacrificed his life, to save those of other present, and he was posthumously awarded the George Cross]

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SBYRW : 47210

8th Bn, Wiltshire Home Guard - A black and white photograph of the battalion marching through Salisbury on the 23rd March, 1941, their first parade. The officers leading are Lieutenant Colonel G.H.B. Fresh, Major Sir H. de C. Martelli (second in Command), Captain W.H.R. Blacking (Adjutant), Lieutenant R.J.C. Mansell, Lieutenant H.G. Sainsbury and Lieutenant F.J. Moore (Battalion HQ), followed by Major G.S. Fawcett (OC ?A? Company).

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SBYRW : 6217

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photo of some officers and Staff Sergeants in Malta in 1888. Most if not all of these soldiers would have fought in the Egyptian Campaign and Tofrek. (Standing L to R) Master Tailor -?-, Sergeant Parmenter, Sergeant Casey, Sergeant Harding, Sergeant Waldeck, Sergeant Homer, Sergeant Redstone, Sergeant O; Donnell. (Sat L to R) Canteen Sergeant Frank Ford, Drum Major Pepper, Bandmaster Farmers, Major (Quartermaster) Brown, Sergeant Dewar, Drum Major Fawcett, Sergeant Hutchins, Sergeant Morse.

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