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SBYRW : 37805

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white group photograph of the Corps of Drums in Singapore in 1935. In the rear row from left to right are Private J. Unsworth, Drummer D. Shord, Boy F. Barker, Drummer G. King, Drummer F. Jackson, Drummer D. Simpson, Private F. Heath, Private F.E. Morse, Private F. Sims, Boy, R G. Howe, Private D.S. Griffin, Drummer A. Trueman, Private E. Privett, Drummer G. Taylor, Boy F.W. Penn and Drummer, E.C. Scammell. In the middle row are Private G. Flux, Private F.J. Matthews, Private F. Webber, Private G. Lax, Private J. Duggan, Private F.E. Pearce, Drummer F. Dale, Private C.J. Theobald, Private W. Stanley, Private H. Cheesman, Private A. Mansfield, Private N.J. Stevens and Boy W. Pallett. Seated at the front are Private W. Madden, Drummer F. Starkey, Private A. Higgs, L/Corporal E. Fulford, L/Corporal G. Hjarne, Drum Major H.J. Pearce, Lieutenant Colonel H.J. Segrave, Lieutanant (Adjutant) N.E.C. Kenrick, L/Sergeant F.E. White, L/Corporal C. McCarragher, L/Corporal R. Morris, Drummer A. Freer, L/Corporal G. Barnfield and Drummer E. Goodenough.

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SBYRW : 43978

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the laying up of the 2nd Battalion's Colours at Salisbury on the 21st July 1927. Here we see the dignitaries outside Salisbury Cathedral. This image is numbered left to right with the main participants (1) Field Martial Lord Methven, (2) Mr Tims, (3) The Mayor of Salisbury, (4)General Godley, (5) Major General Beatson, (6) Lieutenant and Adjutant Woodhouse, (7) Lieutenant Colonel Dansey, (8) Brigadier General Lord Radnor, (9) Colonel Evans, (10) Major General Freeth, (11) Colonel Duggan, (12) Colonel Balgrave.

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