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SBYRW : 32061

7th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A colour digital image of the death certificate for WO2 (Company Sergeant Major) 30010 Harry Crutch DCM. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission states (October 2009) the following ?This casualty has recently been accepted for commemoration by the Commission. However, it will not be possible to add his name to this Memorial immediately. Please contact the Commission before planning a visit, for more information?. His name will be placed on the Doiran memorial to the missing in Greece. It is believed that this soldier was murdered in Dobrich, Bulgaria in 1918 and his body never recovered.

Person(s): Crutch, H, WO2;

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SBYRW : 33851

1st Volunteer Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia group image of the officers at Windsor Park in 1886. It shows, standing from left to right, Lieutenant A.F. Ewen, Captain O Pearce-Serocold, Lieutenant G. Walter, Lieutenant C.E. Patterson, -?- , Lieutenant P. E. Crutchley, Captain J.H. Cooper, Lieutenant J.C. Blandy, Captain F. Simonds, Lieutenant Colonel J.L. Toke, Major J.C. Carter, Captain H. Manders, Captain G. H. Morland, Captain H. Somerset , Haunts, Lieutenant L de L. Simonds, Lieutenant J.E. Cross, Captain W.A. Ellison, Captain H.M. Dowson, Lieutenant J.H. Pilcher and Captain R.R. Holmes. Sesated, from left to right, are Captain O.J. Ellison, Colonel J.C. Carter, Earles, Lieutenant J. Simonds, Major Sawyer, Lindsey Carter, Lord Wantage VC, Captain W.J. Allin, -?-, Quartermaster J.T. Moreland, Major Jas Simonds, Captain A.F. Walter and Captain C.J. Cave.

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SBYRW : 33853

1st Volunteer Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia group image of the officers at Farnbourgh Common, Aldershot in 1893. It shows, standing from left to right, Captain H. Somerset, Cave, Honorary Captain (Quartermaster) J.T. Morland, Reverend T.H. Archer Houblon, Lieutenant T.E. Patterson, Captain L. de L. Simonds, Captain H. Manders, Captain A.F. Ewen, Captain E.E. Haines, Captain P.E. Crutchley, Lieutenant L.H. Hanbury, Major Jas Simonds, Major St G.J. Rathborne Adjutant (regular officer attached), Major A.F. Walter, Captain J.C. Blandy, Lord R.J. Wantage VC, Major J. Simmonds, Lieutenant O Pearce-Serocold , Lieutenant G. Walter, Captain H.M. Dowson, Captain J.H.W. Pilcher, Captain O.J. Ellison and Lieutenant Denis De Vitre. Seated are Captain G.H. Morland, Captain J.H. Cooper, Mrs -?-, Lieutenant Colonel J.L. Toke, Honourable J.R. Cross (ex officer of Regiment), Mrs -?-, Surgeon J.R. Walters, Captain W.A. Ellison.

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SBYRW : 37371

Berkshire Rifle Volunteers - A sepia photograph of Lieutenant P Crutchley around 1881

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SBYRW : 51021

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of seven non commissioned officers serving in the Rifle Brigade in India during the 1st World War. All of these NCOs had previous service in the Royal Berkshire Regiment. Top row L to R, Sergeant Penn from Reading, Sergeant Simms from Reading, Sergeant Crutch from Datchet, and Sergeant Kingham from Newbury. Sat L to R Sergeant Martin from Windsor, WO2 Brooks from Oxford and Sergeant Giles from Newbury. Sergeants Martin and Giles fought with the Berkshires in Egypt, 32 years previously. We believe WO 2 Brooks won his DCM whilst serving in the 2nd Mounted Infantry Company in the Boer War in South Africa. 

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