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SBYRW : 28814

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the brass tablet placed in Devizes church in December 1886 in memory of those who died in India from 1882 to 1886. It lists the following soldiers. Lieutenant Colonel A.M. Moir, Lieutenant Colonel C.J. Greenham, Major G.A. Wayman, Captain C.C. Nevile, Capt and Adt J. Stevens, Guille, Sergeant W. Bristow, Sergeant J. Seymore, Corporal W. Bailey, L/Corporals R. Mortimer, G.A. Warson, G. Clifford. Privates, W. Perry, G. Miles, E.G. Doughty, J. Deal, J, Chandler, J. Bainton, A. Perrett, J. Giles, H. Mortimer, G. Hunt, W. Hodges, R. Couldery, H. Welch, J. Woodhouse, Tom Plank, J. Carey, C.H. Brown, W. May, T. Complin, E. Painter, E. Minty, C. Barter.

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SBYRW : 37693

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the winner?s of the combined services sports held at Tanglin Barracks, Singapore in July 1934. In the rear row are Privates Cowley, Stanley, Morgan, L/Corporal Wheller, Privates Holder Hawkins, Hall, Sergeant Morris, Corporal Clifford, L/Corporal Nutland, Private Fullerton, L/Corporal Fordham, Privates Thompson, Wilkins, L/Corporal Nicholson, Privates Baker, Taylor and Sampson. Seated from left to right are Privates Ward, Long, Truman, Porter, CSM (WO2) Mack MM,, Major R. Evelyn-Smith, Lieutenant Colonel J.H.M. Mee, Captain J.P. Oldfield, Lieutenant N.E.C. Kenrick, Privates Best, Curtis, Lee and L/Corporal Channon. The Battalion came first with 104 points followed by the Royal Artillery on 94 points and the 2/20 Burma Rifles on 74 points. [The Battalion were the winners of the Inter unit cup presented by the Middlesex Regiment and the inter unit cup presented by the Singapore Volunteer Corps for the highest total in the track events]

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SBYRW : 41621

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment ? A sepia photograph of the Machine Gun Company (?D?) soccer team, winners of the Alexandria area six-a-side tournament held on New Year's Day 1931. It shows,, standing,from lrft to right, Corporal Lawley, Private French, Corporal Oakley, Corporal Clifford snd Sergeant Brett; seated;. again left to right, are Private Coleman, WO 2 (CSM) Rose, Private Jones 58 and L/Corporal Hands.

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