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SBYRW : 16087

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A black and white photo of an informal discussion between Major Churcher, Sergeant Major Carter and one other about the Battlesbury Bowl badge in 1978 when the Battalion were the Demonstration Battalion at the School of Infantry at Warminster

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SBYRW : 20216

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - Shoeburyness in 1975 A black and white photo of the visit of General HUNT to the Battalion showing (Left to Right) Private PITKIN, Private GALLIEMS, Lieutenant David CHILTON, General HUNT, L/Corporal FINNEGAN (Standing), Corporal HISCOCK and, Officers Left to Right, Major CHURCHER, Lieutenant LEA COX, Major WARD and Major Colin PARSLOW

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SBYRW : 35794

2nd Bn, Wessex Regiment - A black and white photograph of Colour Sergeant John Dobie (PSI attached) being presented with his Long Service and Good Conduct Medal by the Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel E.G. Churcher at Warcop during the Battalion Annual Camp in 1983.

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The officers in Minden, West Germany, believed about 1968

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SBYRW : 42391

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of the officers in Minden, West Germany, believed to have been taken about 1968. It shows in the rear row from left to rightLieutenant D Hardwick (Glosters), Lieutentant A Briard,Lieutenant D Stone, Lieutenant R Harison (R Signals) Lieutenant B Hodges, Captain E Churcher (R Hamps), Lieutenant G Mawle,Lieutenant Titley, Lieutenant Morris (R Hamps), Lieutenant M Seeley, Second Lieutenant M Cornwell. (Middle row L to R) (1st) Lieutennat N West, Captain D Newton, Captain (QM) D Mortimer. Captain C Hoatson (REME), Captain T M Daly, Captain J Lillies (D and D), Captain M Smith-Rewse (Glosters), Captain D Foster, Captain I Nelson (RAPC), Captain P Dennison, Captain J Barrow, Lieutenant R Vaughan-Payne. (Sat L to R) Major (QM) J Price, Major Rose, Major H Canning), Captain J Mermagen (Glosters) Adjutant,Major Graham Second in Command, Lieutenant Colonel T A Gibson Commanding Officer, Major M Van Lessen (R Hamps),Major E Edwards, Major V Ridley, Major Oldfield, Captain C.G. Rendle. [This photograph was presented to the officer?s mess on the occasion of him leaving the battalio

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