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SBYRW : 16087

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A black and white photo of an informal discussion between Major Churcher, Sergeant Major Carter and one other about the Battlesbury Bowl badge in 1978 when the Battalion were the Demonstration Battalion at the School of Infantry at Warminster

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SBYRW : 20216

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - Shoeburyness in 1975 A black and white photo of the visit of General HUNT to the Battalion showing (Left to Right) Private PITKIN, Private GALLIEMS, Lieutenant David CHILTON, General HUNT, L/Corporal FINNEGAN (Standing), Corporal HISCOCK and, Officers Left to Right, Major CHURCHER, Lieutenant LEA COX, Major WARD and Major Colin PARSLOW

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SBYRW : 22182

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photo of Drummer Dan Church at Pembroke Dock in 1906

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SBYRW : 23317

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A photograph of the Colour Party at the presentation of the Colours to the Battalion at Westbury, Wiltshire, on 3rd August 1927. Shown in the photograph are Lieutenants WGB White and FJA Church, with Company Sergeant Major EF Smith, CQMS FH Wilkins and CQMS M Waters, but not known in which order.

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SBYRW : 25528

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Corporals Mess at Tidworth in 1962. This photograph was taken at a time when the British Army was changing over from the Battledress to the new No2 Dress. This photo is named.

Person(s): Gascoigne,, Corporal; Adams,, L/Corporal; Johnson,, L/Corporal; Church,, L/Corporal; Dixon,, L/Corporal; Milton,, Corporal; Pearced,, Corporal; Shears,, L/Corporal; Ogbourne,, L/Corporal; Hodgson,, L/Corporal; Judd,, L/Corporal; Benham,, L/Corporal; Walford,, L/Corporal; Brown,, Corporal; Thrush,, Corporal; Boucher,, L/Corporal; Isaacs,, L/Corporal; Hubbard,, Corporal; Overthrow,, L/Corporal; Sparks,, L/Corporal; Kemish,, Corporal; Temple,, L/Corporal; Hughes,, L/Corporal; Freelove,, Corporal; Collins,, L/Corporal; Slater,, Corporal; Acreman,, Corporal; Evans,, Corporal; Willoughby,, Corporal; Guppy,, Corporal; Martin,, Corporal; Johnson,, L/Corporal; Higgins,, Corporal; Wright,, Corporal; Snoek,, Corporal; Mure,, Corporal; Hennis,, L/ Corporal; Horward,, L/Corporal; Gigg,, Corporal; Pavey,, Corporal; Smart,, Corporal; Millasrd,, L/Corporal; Davey,, L/Corporal; Berrett,, L/Corporal; Richards,, L/Corporal; Green,, L/Corporal; Swift,, L/Corporal; Watton,, L/Corporal; Marrack,, L/Corporal; Lambell,, L/Corporal; Hawkes,, L/Corporal; Morris,, Corporal; Loady,, L/Corporal; Franklin,, L/Corporal; Bilby,, L/Corporal; Lee,, L/Corporal; Cole,, Corporal; Wray Bliss,, L/Corporal; Seaward,, Corporal; Best,, L/Corporal; Dimmer, L/Corporal; Tredwell,, Corporal; Mills,, Corporal; Burke,, L/Corporal; Burgess,, Corporal; Barlow,, L/Corporal; Haggerty,, L/Corporal; Williams,, Corporal; Brewerton,, L/Corporal; Haynes,, L/Corporal; Sawyer,, L/Corporal; Hewitt,, L/Corporal; Hall,, L/Corporal; Moore,, Corporal; Warden,, Corporal; Blake,, L/Corporal; Gane,, Corporal; Smith,, Corporal; Stewart,, L/Corporal; Hole,, Corporal; Hayden,, L/Corporal; White,, L/Corporal; Holding,, Corporal; Cross,, Corporal; Sheridan,, Corporal; Smith,, Corporal; Thomas,, L/Corporal; Jolley,, L/Corporal; Thomas,, Corporal; Maddington,, Corporal; Bunsell,, Corporal; Wright,, Corporal; Arnold,, Corporal; Cooper,, Corporal; Robertson,, Corporal; Lea-Cox, C B, Captain; Ballantine, D H, Lieutenant Colonel; Hodsges, L E, WO1; Pennell,, Corporal; Povery,, Corporal; Hadley,, Corporal; Hyde,, Corporal; Tipple,, Corporal; White,, Corporal; Roussel,, Corporal; Boland,, Corporal; Hughes,, L/Corporal; Townsend,, Corporal; Codling,, L/Corporal;

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SBYRW : 27917

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of Private 8224 James Church in 1914. He died on wounds on the 23rd November 1914, age 28; he came from East Hanney, Wantage. He is buried in Brompton Cemetery.

Person(s): Church, J, Private;

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SBYRW : 33971

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white photograph of soldiers from ?C? Company relaxing between patrols with a game of cards. Seated around the table are Privates Church, Peters, Miller and Balimietuku. Looking on is Private Kew.

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SBYRW : 35794

2nd Bn, Wessex Regiment - A black and white photograph of Colour Sergeant John Dobie (PSI attached) being presented with his Long Service and Good Conduct Medal by the Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel E.G. Churcher at Warcop during the Battalion Annual Camp in 1983.

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SBYRW : 37268

1st/4th, Wiltshire Regiment - A photocopy of a black and white group photograph of a section of soldiers in Delhi, India during the 1st World War. The following men came from Chitterne, Warminster, Wiltshire. (standing 2nd from the left) Private Jack Poolman, (4th from the left) Private Lewis Feltha,.(seated 3rd from the left) Sergeant Evelyn Feltham and (5th from the left) Private Bill Churchill. The photograph was taken by A. Husain.

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SBYRW : 37417

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A digital black and white image of three soldiers from the Battalion in St Patrick Barracks, Malta sometime in the period 1962 ? 1965. In the front is Private Church and behind him Privates Morris and Frost.

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SBYRW : 38901

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of Drum Major Pegg inspecting the ?City of Salisbury? bugles prior to beating retreat in the New Territories, Hong Kong, in 1951. The buglers from left to right are L/Corporal Churchward, Private Mason, Private Bicknell, L/Corporal Crabb, Drummer Williams and Private Knapp. The bugles in question were presented to the Regiment in 1913

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The officers in Minden, West Germany, believed about 1968

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SBYRW : 42391

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of the officers in Minden, West Germany, believed to have been taken about 1968. It shows in the rear row from left to rightLieutenant D Hardwick (Glosters), Lieutentant A Briard,Lieutenant D Stone, Lieutenant R Harison (R Signals) Lieutenant B Hodges, Captain E Churcher (R Hamps), Lieutenant G Mawle,Lieutenant Titley, Lieutenant Morris (R Hamps), Lieutenant M Seeley, Second Lieutenant M Cornwell. (Middle row L to R) (1st) Lieutennat N West, Captain D Newton, Captain (QM) D Mortimer. Captain C Hoatson (REME), Captain T M Daly, Captain J Lillies (D and D), Captain M Smith-Rewse (Glosters), Captain D Foster, Captain I Nelson (RAPC), Captain P Dennison, Captain J Barrow, Lieutenant R Vaughan-Payne. (Sat L to R) Major (QM) J Price, Major Rose, Major H Canning), Captain J Mermagen (Glosters) Adjutant,Major Graham Second in Command, Lieutenant Colonel T A Gibson Commanding Officer, Major M Van Lessen (R Hamps),Major E Edwards, Major V Ridley, Major Oldfield, Captain C.G. Rendle. [This photograph was presented to the officer?s mess on the occasion of him leaving the battalio

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SBYRW : 43535

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia digital photograph of the officers at the annual camp at Swanage in 1922. It shows, in the rear row frm left to right Lieutenant H M A Salt, Lieutenant B. White, Lieutenant W G B. White, Lieutenant E J, Stanford, Lieutenant W G, Lenton, Lieutenant F J A, Church, Captain G F, Filor and Lieutenant H C, Hodgson. Seated from left to right are Captain A A Taylor, Reverend Aston, Captain J N,Carson (Adjutant) Lieutenant Colonel G S, Herbert, General Radnor, Captain N J, Awdry, Captain E J M Wyld and Doctor Waylen. In the front from left to right are Lieutenant H S, Aston and Captain E O, Pound

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SBYRW : 50849

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the permanant staff based at Le Marchant Barracks, Devizes, December, 1956. [Back row L to R] Mr T. Connelly, Mr F.G. Sheppard, Mr C.J. Wymer, Sergeant T. Houghton, Mr A.H. Keeling, Sergeant D.N. Lingard, Mr T.H. Fryer, Mr J. Clark, Mr S. Fillmore. [Centre Row L to R] Private A.Archer, Mr L. Percival, BEM, Private R. Randall, Mr R.Clack,?  Mr G.R. Watts,?  Mr F. Churchill, Mr H.J.Alexander, Corporal T. Pratt, Mr A. Hollingsworth,?  Private A. Maidment, [Front Row L to R] Sergeant F. Wheaton, WO 2 D.C. Mortimer, RSM [WO1] J.J. Price,?  Major H.N. Hoare, Lieutenant Colonel A.E.G. Brain,TD, Major A. F. Pryor MBE, Captain D.C. Munn, WO2 G. Butcher, Sergeant E.W. Lamb. [ Most if not all of the civilian were Ex members of the battalion, and the remainder serving regulars attached]

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SBYRW : 8390

Unit nknown or none - A black and whte photograph of Sir Winston Churchill in his old age sitting in a car; the date and ocation are unknown

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