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SBYRW : 29127

99th Regiment - A sepia photograph of Sergeant Carson, pictured here later in life while working as a hotel porter in Belfast. After being attacked by the Zulus whilst on Veddette duties at the Mission Station at Eshowe, Natal in South Africa, he was immediately promoted to L/Corporal, eventually retiring as a Sergeant. The Regimental magazine, The Nines, later told his story. 'One of the Vedettes, Pte Carson attached to the Mounted Infantry, went out to patrol. Some eleven Zulus sprang out of the long grass and seized the horse by the mane; he at once stuck his spurs in and got clear of them. They then fired at him, one bullet taking off two fingers of one of his hands, a second struck him on the left thigh, passed through it, then through the pommel of the saddle and into the other leg, a third went through his right arm, a fourth struck his rifle which was slung over his back. His horse was also assegaied on the flank'. He accounted for the Zulus' bad shooting by them holding out their rifles at full arms length. The injuries received by Private Carson are clear to see in this photograph which shows the hand with the missing fingers.

Person(s): Carson, , Sergeant;

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SBYRW : 43535

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia digital photograph of the officers at the annual camp at Swanage in 1922. It shows, in the rear row frm left to right Lieutenant H M A Salt, Lieutenant B. White, Lieutenant W G B. White, Lieutenant E J, Stanford, Lieutenant W G, Lenton, Lieutenant F J A, Church, Captain G F, Filor and Lieutenant H C, Hodgson. Seated from left to right are Captain A A Taylor, Reverend Aston, Captain J N,Carson (Adjutant) Lieutenant Colonel G S, Herbert, General Radnor, Captain N J, Awdry, Captain E J M Wyld and Doctor Waylen. In the front from left to right are Lieutenant H S, Aston and Captain E O, Pound

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