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SBYRW : 36263

62nd Regiment - A sepia group photograph of the officers and their ladies at Chakrata, India in 1876. In this image with location not sure are Surgeon O'Donnell, Lieutenant Francis Henry Tonge, Lieutenant Edward R.N. Walton. Lieutenant Colonel Young, Mrs Todd, Brigadier Scott, Young, Lieutenant George Pelham Hatch, Mr Bromley, Lieutenant Hollis, Mr Carter, Lieutenant William King (Quartermaster), Lieutenant John F. Inglis (Musketry Instructor), Lieutenant Bertram, Reverend Bertram, Captain William Bowlas Williams, Lieutenant Charter, Captain Badcute, Wheeler, Lieutenant Walton, Young, Captain Colin, Captain Robin Neville Gream, Lieutenant James Henry Bowhill, Colonel Hawkins. [The information regarding those in this image comes from scribbled notes in the album. As a consequence we cannot establish with certainty each person?s location; in addition some of those listed are not officers of the 62nd. Anyone with a major interest in this image would have to examine the album]

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