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SBYRW : 26251

99th Regiment - A sepia portrait photograph of Quartermaster James Bateman in civilian clothes . He was the Regimental quartermaster from 1871 to 1881. He served in this capacity in the Zulu Campaign. Photographer: Edward Banes, 3, High Street, Brompton, Kent

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SBYRW : 44188

1st Battalion - Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia image of the Regimental Football team at Quetta, India in 1898. Standing from left to right are Private Oram, Private Webb, Lieutenant Ross, Lieutenant Timmis and Private Leonard. Seated again left to righr are Private Wheeler, Private Shaw, Private Bateman (Captain) and Private Weylan, Private Newman. At the front from left to right are Private Privates Cox and Robinson.

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SBYRW : 8288

South Africa Cape Garrison Artillery - A sepia portrait photo of Major Bateman at Cape Town, South Africa in 1901 - he was the son of 'Chummy' Bateman who was the Quartermaster of the 99th Regiment Photographer; Watson and Co. James Cape Town

Person(s): Bateman, W L, Major;

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